Want a little money back from your bank every time you shop? Yes please.

Cashback credit cards (AKA cash rebate credit cards) let you earn back a percentage of what you spend. These days, eveyone wants a cashback card - the banks are pumping them out to meet demand (you've probably heard of Citibank Cash Back Card, UOB ONE Card, Standard Chartered Unlimited Cash Back Card just to name a few).

Some banks are even offering student credit cards with cashback. Why wouldn't you want a little bit of free cash every time you shop, eat out, see a movie or buy groceries?

There's often some tricky fine print with cash rebate cards - like how much you need to spend on the card before you can get any cash back or what's the maximum rebate you can earn. There's no point in having a card that gives you 10% cashback on your $800 spend if they'll cap your rewards at $50 per month, right?

But don't let the fine print put you off. GoBear can help you navigate the T&Cs to find the best cashback credit card in Singapore.


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