Senior PHP Engineer


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GoBear is Asia’s leading financial services platform with a mission to improve the financial health of our region’s many people. We do that by empowering users with the know-how, tools and financial products to meet their individual needs. More importantly, we believe that personal financial health leads to more secure, stable and sustainable communities across Asia. Yes, we feel we have a higher purpose.

Our financial services platform includes an online marketplace for financial products, digital insurance brokerage and digital lending business all built on a strong foundation of data to drive efficiency. To date, we have served over 55 million users searching for more than 2,000 products.

As a fintech leader, we bring innovative solutions to address important local market challenges (of which there are many!). Our alternative data - including consumer behaviour and digital footprints - gives us critical insights to assess and price risk better, work with partners to identify market gaps, and co-create innovative financial products.

Having started in Singapore in early 2015, which is now called the ‘Bear Cave’, today we’re active in 7 markets: Singapore, Hong Kong SAR, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia.


Reporting directly to the Principal Engineer (Backend), you’ll get to hang out with the Software Developers. You will also work closely with the Product Design, Data, and DevOps teams (based in the regional office in Singapore).

  • You’ll manage our multi-site environment across multiple countries.
  • You’ll work closely with the Product Design Team to optimize our multi-site theme.
  • You’ll design and implement new CMS-specific features e.g. Webforms.
  • You’ll take ownership of our Drupal environment and design a set of company-wide best-practices for structured content.
  • You’ll engage in R&D work e.g. “Headless CMS” and REST-based webhook integrations with third-party platforms.
  • You’ll manage our multi-site configuration across all countries.
  • You’ll proactively identify and drive platform improvements.

We require an enterprising, hands-on full-stack PHP Developer with 6-10 years of relevant experience, and the following qualifications and skills:

  • You bring in at least 5 years of Drupal Development experience.
  • You have at least 5 years of PHP Development experience and have experience in PHP Symphony framework.
  • You’ve done at least 5 years of Front-end development using JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.
  • Drupal 8 experience is best. Candidates with only Drupal 7 (and earlier) experience will be considered.
  • Experience with multi-site and multi-language configurations.
  • A clear understanding of Drupal internals, e.g how Entities, Views, and Nodes relate to each other.
  • Experience implementing Drupal 8 as a headless CMS will strongly count in your favor.
  • Familiarity and experience with containerized Drupal (Docker) is a plus.
  • Familiarity in working with Drupal development as part of a standardized “agile” workflow including Git, continuous-integration, and Docker.