Marketplace Director


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GoBear is Asia’s leading financial services platform with a mission to improve the financial health of our region’s many people. We do that by empowering users with the know-how, tools and financial products to meet their individual needs. More importantly, we believe that personal financial health leads to more secure, stable and sustainable communities across Asia. Yes, we feel we have a higher purpose.

Our financial services platform includes an online marketplace for financial products, digital insurance brokerage and digital lending business all built on a strong foundation of data to drive efficiency. To date, we have served over 55 million users searching for more than 2,000 products.

As a fintech leader, we bring innovative solutions to address important local market challenges (of which there are many!). Our alternative data - including consumer behaviour and digital footprints - gives us critical insights to assess and price risk better, work with partners to identify market gaps, and co-create innovative financial products.

Having started in Singapore in early 2015, which is now called the ‘Bear Cave’, today we’re active in 7 markets: Singapore, Hong Kong SAR, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia.


First and foremost, you’ll take leadership of the Vietnam Marketplace Team: 

  • This team is responsible for delivering sales and profit targets by actively managing our marketplace platform, including a growing range of direct and indirect lending products.
  • You’ll lead members in account management and partner marketing, while having influence over local content development and brand activities.
  • Of course, coaching members in their career journeys is also a key part of the job.


Thinking and acting like a business owner for Marketplace Management: 

  • You’ll be the business owner for your country’s marketplace, a growing platform for a range of lending products that GoBear provides directly or indirectly via Lending-as-a-Service model.
  • You’ll actively monitor key metrics like traffic, conversion and ROI using dashboards on a daily basis, including the reporting of business performance to relevant stakeholders.
  • This reporting will always begin with data-driven analysis and insights to identify trading risks and opportunities, including close collaboration with local and regional stakeholders.
  • You’ll then take action directly or indirectly to improve trading performance using a mix of pricing, merchandising, key account management and performance marketing tactics.


Driving business results through successful Account Management and Strategic Projects: 

  • Your team will be responsible for day-to-day partner servicing activities.
  • You’ll strengthen existing partner engagement by sharing data insights using available data resources, which can be used for product refinement and campaign development.
  • You’ll work closely with partners on co-marketing campaigns and other joint initiatives with mutual benefits, supported by business case fundamentals for what makes sense.
  • You’ll also design, sell or support “Non-click Revenue” campaigns with our partners, including co-marketing activities, ad placements on GoBear’s platform, etc.
  • Lastly, your team will be responsible for onboarding new partners to the platform.


Ensuring our marketplace website and mobile app experiences have Locally Relevancy: 

  • Representing the ‘voice of the consumer’ in your market, you’ll collaborate closely with Product and Marketing on website / mobile app experiences and brand campaigns.
  • Your team will also bridge Product and Tech requirements effectively to drive product and pricing connections.


Helping raise GoBear’s low cost channel performance, including Marketing and Content:

  • You’ll be able to influence key drivers of low cost channel performance like SEO, content development and affiliate partnerships to lower GoBear’s acquisition costs. 

This role requires an assertive, no-nonsense and hands-on Director who has most (preferably all!) of the following skillsets and experiences:

  • Demonstrated Leadership: You know how to guide and motivate your team to drive supermarket growth, by setting clear priorities with measurable and tracked targets.
  • Results Orientation: You love a challenge and recognize the importance of “hitting your numbers”, so have learned to focus only on the things that matter and avoid distractions.
  • Domain Expertise: You have 10+ years in roles that allowed you to develop a strong “toolbox” of skills, e.g. from strategy consulting, e-commerce, finance, business development or analytics.
  • Industry Knowledge: You have solid knowledge of lending / banking industries, including online/ offline business models, key players, available products and consumer needs.
  • Data-driven Mindset: You crave data to make better decisions, so have become really good at using analysis to uncover insights, which you then use to drive action and business results.
  • Academic Credentials: You earned a BA or MA in finance, marketing, business or related field.