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Finding the right car insurance policy for your car is a necessity. When you’re on the road, you face several threats like damages and injury due to road accidents. You are also vulnerable to threats like damages from natural calamities, theft, vandalism, and more. With an insurance coverage for your car, you can protect yourself from out of pocket expenses and save your car in the process.

What is Car Insurance?

Car insurance in Singapore protects car owners against financial loss in the event of an accident. Car insurance acts as a contract between the car owner and the insurance company, and a premium is paid on a yearly basis.

A car insurance helps you get coverage for personal injury or damages to your car or in the case of a collision, to the car and passengers of at third party. With an insurance in place for your car, you can avoid the expensive cost of paying for damaging another vehicle or causing the loss or damage of something due to a motor accident.

Compare Car Insurance in Singapore

In Singapore, it is compulsory for every car to be insured with a car insurance. Cars are covered by the terms outlined in their insurance policies, which may be inclusive of fire, theft, damage, injury and death. Should a claim be made under the insurance policy, car owners only pay a certain amount for the lost incurred.

Depending on the type of car insurance your car is insured with, the coverage terms differs as well as the degree of coverage. This would also determine the yearly premium that you pay for. Compare car insurance across the various car insurance providers in Singapore to find one that suits your budget and preferred insurance coverage.

Do you need a car insurance?

In Singapore, having a valid insurance policy is a must. Driving your vehicle without an insurance in the country is against the law. The minimum requirement is that you should at least have a third- party car insurance coverage to cover damages, injury, or death of third parties in case of accidents.

Besides, having a car insurance is practical. Not only does it cover third parties, it also protects your car from any loss, damage, or injury.

What type of car insurance do you need?

There are three major types of motor insurance offered by insurance companies. These are:

Third Party Car Insurance

This type of car insurance provides coverage for property damage, injury, or death to a third party caused by your car. By having this insurance, you as a policy holder will protect yourself from any legal liability that may be filed against you due to a damage caused to other people’s property and injury or death of a third party due to an accident. Third party insurance is the most inexpensive type of car insurance, but its coverage is also very limited.

Third Party, Fire, and Theft Car Insurance

This provides coverage similar to a Third Party but with the addition of damage benefit due to fire or theft to your vehicle. Therefore, this provides you an added peace of mind. You should keep in mind that this is required for car owners with over 10 years old vehicle. Compared to Third Party Car Insurance, this is more expensive but more comprehensive in terms of coverage.

Comprehensive Car Insurance

This provides a wide range of coverage to keep your car protected. Under this type of motor insurance, you also get your vehicle covered for accidental damages. Private cars are also provided with medical expenses and personal accident covers.

This type of car insurance also includes other optional benefits that vary from car insurance companies. This includes coverage for damages due to natural disasters such as flood and windstorm, civil commotion, riot, or strike. Other companies also offer coverage for windscreen damages. You can also find insurers that provide a liability cover for passengers for negligent acts. Other coverages like additional excess and personal accident benefits can also be given depending on the insurance company. Drivers who own private cars are also entitled to get a No-Claim Discount for driving carefully. You can check for online car insurance quotes to know how much this insurance can possibly cost you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a No-Claim Discount?

A No-Claim Discount is a benefit awarded to those who have no claims made under their car insurance policy for a year or more. With this benefit, you can be given lower premiums upon renewing your car insurance policy.

When should I renew my insurance policy?

Renewing your car insurance policies are done yearly. However, if your current insurance provider is not able to give you the competitive rates you need, then you might have to renew with another car insurance company to get the most of your premiums.

How much premium do I need to pay for my car insurance?

Insurance premiums depend on your chosen providers. You can use a car insurance calculator to compute for your premiums or ask an insurance agent to give you quotes. Another convenient way of doing this is getting car insurance quotes online using comparison tools like GoBear.

What type of car insurance should I get?

Although there are three different types of insurance for your car, getting a comprehensive car insurance coverage is more advisable to give you a wider coverage of car protection.

How do I know which is the best car insurance policy for me?

You can consider getting insurance quotes or use a comparison tool like GoBear to find and compare the best insurance policies for your car. Make it a habit to read the fine print of the company to see whether the coverage they are offering is the right fit for you.

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Use GoBear to find, compare, and select the right car insurance for you.

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So why choose GoBear?

  1. Free. Unlike other insurance comparison tools, GoBear is totally free so you can search and compare as many car insurance you need without additional expenses. Asking for insurance quotes from every insurer is expensive. With GoBear, you can get the most affordable insurance at a glance and look for the best deal for you.
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Find the right car insurance for you without spending so much time for the search. Compare car insurance with GoBear Singapore and find out which plan is right for your need.

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