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Why you need to insure with Car Protect360

Take the worry out of driving. We have highlighted three of the best benefits when you insure with Car Protect360 by HL Assurance that will offer you peace of mind.

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High Medical Coverage

Receive up to SGD$20,000 Personal Accident cover plus additional medical expenses in the event of an accident.


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Daily Transport Allowance

You'll get a transport allowance if your car is under repairs in the workshop for more than 3 days.


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24/7 Roadside Assistance

Get 24/7 roadside assistance in the event of a car breakdown.


What Car Protect360 by HL Assurance covers

We have included a summary of key policy features and benefits of Car Protect360. For a full list of benefits, standard terms and conditions, limits, and exclusions of cover where applicable, please contact HL Assurance Pte. Ltd.  

Loss or Damage by fire or theft

  • Up to market value at time of loss or damage

Loss or Damage by other insured causes including Act Of God, fallen object, riot, strike, flood, etc.

  • Up to market value at time of loss or damage 

Car accessories - all audio, video, and other standard equipment fitted into the car by the manufacturer or distributor at the time the car was originally purchased

  • Up to SGD$1,000

Car accident repairs - Excess is halved if repairs are carried out at a HL Assurance Approved Workshop

  • Yes

Windscreen cover

  • Unlimited
  • Windscreen Excess of SGD$100 unless Windscreen is repaired at HL Assurance Appointed Windscreen Repairer

Damage to Third Party Property

  • Up to SGD$5,000,000

Death or Injury to Third Party

  • Unlimited

Medical Expenses Coverage for the Policyholder, Authorised Driver, and Passenger up to car legal seating capacity

  • Up to SGD$1,000 each

Personal Accident benefits for the Policyholder, Authorised Driver, and Passengers

  • Policyholder: up to SGD$20,000
  • Authorised Driver: up to SGD$10,000
  • Passengers: up to SGD$10,000

Daily transport allowance (up to 10 days if repairs exceed three days)

  • SGD$50 a day, up to a total of SGD$1,000

Towing after Accident

  • Up to SGD$500

Authority to repair (for minor repairs)

  • Up to SGD$300
  • The Limit is after application of Policy Excess

24 hours Automobile and Medical Assistance Services

  • Available

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Frequently Asked Questions about Car Insurance

Get the lowdown on everything Car Insurance by visiting our Ultimate Guide to Car Insurance.

You might have an inkling that insurance is supposed to help you when things are bad, like if you fall ill or someone dies. But insurance is first and foremost a financial product. It is a risk transfer mechanism that transfers your risk to an insurance company that accepts your risk, so you can live your life and perform your activities without worrying about how you’ll cope financially with life’s uncertainties.

In Singapore, you are required to buy Car Insurance before you can register a new car or renew your road tax. It is against the law in Singapore to drive a motor vehicle without a valid insurance policy to cover third party bodily injury. Which means that it is sufficient to buy Third Party insurance cover from a legal standpoint.

Car Insurance protects you against financial damages or losses that may arise from owning and driving a car. So it makes good sense to protect yourself, your loved ones and your valuable possessions not just your liability to third parties.

There are more than 26 General Insurers in Singapore. The top 5 motor insurers based on 2018 Gross Written Premiums are NTUC, AIG, AXA, MSIG and Liberty.

Not all Car Insurance policies are the same. Insurers offer a wide variety of products to meet the individual needs of consumers. Again, it is best to shop around to find a policy with your preferred combination of price, excess and requirements in terms of use and repairs.

The most common insurance covers available are:

- Accidental damage to your car
- Theft of your car
- Fire damage to your car
- Windscreen damage to your car
- Personal accident
- Medical expenses
- Injury or death of third parties
- Damage to third parties' property
- Damage arising from riot, strike and civil commotion

Optional cover (add-ons) for Comprehensive Insurance Policies
(may be subject to payment of additional premium)
- No Claims Discount protection
- Buy-up excess (lowers your premium and increases your excess)
- Buy-down excess (lowers your excess and increases your premium)
- Courtesy car while your car is being repaired
- Car accessories cover
- Roadside assistance
- Personal accident for passengers
- Liability of passengers for acts of negligence
- Damage arising from flood and windstorm

Third Party Fire & Theft
- Injury or death of third parties
- Damage to third parties' property
- Damage of your car due to fire
- Theft of your car

Third Party
- Injury or death of third parties
- Damage to third parties' property

An insurance policy is the insurance company’s promise to pay if something bad were to happen to the risk you want to insure. The risk maybe tangible (car) or intangible (health). Making a choice when buying insurance therefore is all about your protection needs, the level of self insurance you can afford in the event of the unforeseeable and how much you trust the insurer and insurance intermediary.

When shopping for Car Insurance, ask yourself:
Is this a top rated insurer?
Pick a top rated insurer. Top rated insurers perform at the top of their industry in creditworthiness (the ability to repay creditors and pay any claims presented) and perform well financially when compared to their peers. However, some are better than others when dealing with claims, payments and changes to the risk, during the period of insurance.

What is my coverage?
Review your coverage. Make sure you have sufficient liability cover for bodily injury and property damage. Remember minimum cover will only give you minimum protection.

What are my repair options?
Check your options for repairs. If you are driving a new car, you may want to go to your dealer workshop for repairs. As your car ages, you may be comfortable sending your car to the insurer’s authorised workshop for repairs. If you choose the authorised workshop option, check if the authorised workshops use original equipment from the manufacturer (OEM) parts and how long is the repair guarantee.

Have I set the right excess?
Set the right excess for your needs. Excess is the first part of any claim that you will need to bear. Setting a higher excess will reduce the premium you pay but this also means that you have to pay more out of pocket, in the event of an accident. If you have a good driving record and haven’t had an accident that was your fault, you may want to gamble and opt for a lower premium as long as you are comfortable bearing a higher excess if the need arises.

Do I have a good credit score?
Maintain good credit. A low credit score may impact your premium and the interest rate offered to you if you choose premium finance offered by your insurer, bank or insurance intermediary.


Owning a car in Singapore is a luxury and involves a substantial investment. It may be worthwhile to think about how you can get the best value for your money.

Choose the right car. Vehicle damage and the cost of repair is a big part of the insurance premium you will be charged. When looking for a new car, compare the data on collision by vehicle model through your car dealer or online. Anti-theft and certain safety equipment can also reduce your insurance premium

In the event of a breakdown or accident, inform your insurer immediately and share as much detail along with pictures of the damage and the accident scene. This will lower the chances of overly inflated renewal premiums especially if you and your insurer have been proactive in managing the claim from day one

Do an annual rate check. Your insurance intermediary or online comparison tools can help you get the best deal at renewal

Take advantage of discounts. Discounts are available for drivers considered to be low risk (older, married and/ or long safe driving record) or those who take driver training courses

Bundling your Car Insurance with home, pet, personal accident and health insurance is another option to consider. Most insurers and insurance intermediaries offer better terms if you buy multiple insurance products from them.

Inform your insurer of reduced mileage. If you use your car only after hours or on weekends. By driving less, you may qualify for a lower premium

Inform your insurer if your car will be laid up for an extended period of time. You maybe eligible for a discount or premium refund depending on the terms and conditions of your insurance policy and applicable road traffic regulations

Everything comes at a price. If you opt for cheap Car Insurance, the price you pay is lower coverage or restrictions.

Under insuring your risk may be a way to keep premiums low, but near enough is not good enough. For example if your home and contents is insured for less than the replacement value, it could come back to haunt you. There are better ways to save on premiums. Most often you can select a higher excess to lower premiums or buy other policies from the same insurer and many insurers offer lower premiums for improved security measures.

Remember that if the premiums are lower, there may be more restrictions that may apply to what is covered, and your options in the event of a claim. For example, lower-priced policies may come with restrictions such as - who is the main driver of your car or whether your car can only be driven by named drivers; where you can send your vehicle for repairs; or whether new or reconditioned parts are used. Higher priced policies usually cover all your authorised drivers who have a valid driving licence, and may allow more flexibility in your choice of repairers, coverage options etc.

The choice is yours!

It is important to make the right choice for your needs.

Buying insurance directly from an insurer is possible for certain types of risks, for which an insurance company makes a direct purchase portal or call centre available to you. However, you’ll have to stay on top of your needs and proactively follow up on changes to the risk, during the period of insurance.

An insurance agent will offer you a personal touch during your purchase, all through the period of insurance, at the time of claims and renewals. Insurance agents spend time understanding your needs and sourcing the best options for your protection. While insurance agents have your best interest at heart and are regulated, they are also human and have to make a living. They maybe incentivised to sell one insurers policies over another.

Brokers and Digital Brokers on the other hand have your best interest at heart, may lack the personal touch but they can provide you with multiple options in the market, empower you to make the best choice for yourself and have less incentive to push one insurers products over another.

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