FWD offers car insurance plans that are different from its competitors. The company promotes customizable and comprehensive packages with lifetime NCD guarantee. With FWD, each car owner is granted the best repair warranty service in Singapore. A one-time payment up to $500,000 to surviving dependents of insured individual in case of a vehicle accident.


FWD Car Insurance Plans

  • Prestige Plan - FWD’s top-of-the-line Car Insurance package, the Prestige Plan comes packed with all benefits FWD offers, plus the highest coverage for medical expenses, damages incurred, and other expenses brought about by a vehicular accident. For the most comprehensive coverage, the Prestige Plan has it all.


  • Executive Plan - This plan is an enhanced version of the Classic Plan, featuring additional benefits such as coverage for personal belongings damaged in a vehicular accident, a courtesy car that you can use for up to three months while your vehicle is being repaired, and replacement of lost or damaged keys. It also features higher coverage for medical expenses, damages incurred, and other expenses brought about by a vehicular accident.


  • Classic Plan - This plan is the bare-bones FWD Car Insurance package. Aside from the benefits that come with all schemes, the Classic plan includes coverage for anyone you trust to drive your car and for legal costs if you are sued for damage caused by your vehicle. For cars less than 12 months old, a replacement will be provided if it’s stolen or written off. You also get reimbursement for taxi fares incurred after an accident and a daily transportation allowance for the entire period that your car is being repaired.

Other FWD benefits

Featuring an online ‘Get a Quote’ facility, FWD guarantees car insurance quotes in less than a minute. Just key in a few details, and you’ll be on your way to complete protection from vehicular accidents and injuries. With FWD Car Insurance, you are guaranteed to enjoy the following:

  • Lifetime NCD guarantee -  Having the FWD Car Insurance entitles you to the company’s Lifetime NCD Guarantee once you earn 50% NCD. That means you get to keep it for as long as you stay with FWD.


  • Extended quality guarantee - Carrying the best repair warranty in Singapore, FWD’s premium workshops ensure coverage of quality defects for 10 years from the date of purchase.


  • 24-hour roadside assistance - Whenever you’re stranded due to car damage or accidents, FWD’s premium workshops are a call away.


  • Legal liability covers - In cases where you cause harm or injury to a third party during a vehicular accident, FWD will provide coverage of up to S$5 million.


  • Coverage in areas outside Singapore - Aside from Singapore, FWD provides coverage when you’re driving in West Malaysia and parts of Thailand.


Depending on the plan, you can also take advantage of a multitude of benefits that will help protect you and your family. FWD makes car insurance comparison simple: Choose between the Classic, Executive, or Prestige Plan. Copare FWD's insurance plans on gobear.com/sg/car-insurance.





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