About Allied World

Allied World Assurance Company Holdings has brought innovation around the globe through cutting-edge car insurance, property insurance, casualty and speciality insurance, and reinsurance solutions. Their products are designed to address the diverse requirements of clients. Their offers add a touch of local flavour that can only be provided by seasoned experts.


With an entrepreneurial spirit backed by a financially secure organisation, they have built a global branch network with 20 offices serving clients around the world.


Allied World Car Shield®

Allied World provides round-the-clock protection for your car and its passengers via its all-in-one car insurance package — Car Shield® — which provides coverage for loss of or damage to your car due to theft, fire, or other accidents and third-party liabilities.


Car insurance premiums are dependent upon a number of factors, such as a type of motor car, your age, and your driving experience, among other things. It’s best to do a car insurance comparison first to ensure that you get the plan that’s right for you. Other benefits of the Car Shield® plans include:


  • NCD protection

Your NCD is maintained regardless of the number of claims made, as long as the total amount claimed within one policy year does not exceed 20% of the estimated car value.


  • Special coverage for brand new cars. 

In case of loss of a car that’s less than a year old, your car insurance policy will replace it with a brand new car of the same grade. This benefit also comes with a waiver of depreciation on repairs, which differentiates Allied World Car Insurance from the other car insurance companies out there.


  • Replacement car service. 

If you can’t use your car for more than 48 hours due to loss or accident, your car insurance plan provides a free replacement car. You will also be paid car rental costs subject to a daily limit.


  • Free choice of repair service providers. 

You can choose any garage of your choice for repairs, including dealer workshops.


  • 24-hour assistance. 


No need to worry in case of accidents or any unfortunate incidents; your car insurance comes with emergency towing, roadside repair, traffic regulation enquiry, and claims enquiry services.





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