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The best car insurance companies in Singapore have been every car owner’s ally when it comes to securing their most priced property aside from their homes. Cars have always been a precious property for Singaporeans and finding the right company to keep them secured in times of accidents is the ultimate way to protect them. Hong Leong, FWD, Liberty, InsureMyCar, Sompo, AIG, Allied World and Tokyo Marine are just a few of those car insurance companies you can consider when comparing using GoBear’s unbiased comparison tool.

Why Should I compare best car insurance with GoBear?

If you want a clear, objective and detailed comparison of what car insurance companies offer, then GoBear is the right site for you. You can get a side-by-side comparison of quotes, flexibility, premiums and coverage as well as eligibility and requirements for application. Company A and Company B may offer almost the same thing but as you scroll down further, you’ll realise that one of them has something better to offer because it suits your needs and budget.

In some cases, general insurers may seem different from banks and other companies but with GoBear, you’ll be able to see the huge gap on offers and promos which all these offer car owners.

What are the best car insurance companies?

Singapore’s vast and complex market paved the way for established insurance companies emerge and offer various packages and coverages.

Accidents happen without any of us knowing when and getting the best car insurance is the only way to manage the damaging impact. GoBear has prepared a comparison tool that is not only use-friendly but is also unbiased, detailed and clear. So, what are you waiting for? Compare with GoBear and avail of the best coverage for you and your car today!

Compare insurance and banking products, and find out how much you can save.

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Why compare at GoBear?

  • Free and unbiased – We cut out the middleman and don’t play favourites with plans -
  • Personalised search – Skip the brochure-talk. The quotes are based on your car and driving history. -
  • Bang for your buck – Get the latest promotions, great discounts and best deals -
  • Time saver – No personal contact details required. You’re just clicks away from instant car insurance quotes -
  • Trusted by your buddies – Check out reviews and scores for smarter comparisons -
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