Personal Finance Campaign 2020

GoBear x The Woke Salaryman x SGBudgetBabe x Dr Wealth

14 Feb – 9 Mar 2020

Learn from Singapore's top personal finance bloggers as they share their recipe to build and accumulate wealth with Earnings, Savings, and Investments. If you're looking to take small steps towards improving your personal finance, why not start from one of these articles? Stay tuned as we unveil the 4-part personal finance series in the coming weeks!

1: The Woke Salaryman

Personal Finance Explained With DOTA

What are the similarities between personal finance and the popular video game, DOTA? Find out in this comic!

Wait, what? What do you survive on? Find out how SG Budget Babe built up her savings and became financially woke.

Always wanted to invest in stocks? What are ETFs, robo-advisors, and should you consider them in your portfolio? Find out about them in this article.

Just starting out on your personal finance journey? Here's how you can take your first steps.

Campaign Partners

The Woke Salaryman

The Woke Salaryman aims to help the average Singaporean make better life and financial decisions.

SG Budget Babe
Dawn is Singapore’s most popular female financial blogger – find out why so many go to her for tips to improve their financial life!
Dr Wealth
Dr Wealth champions investor education and offers practical know-how and actionable insights to DIY investors.