What kind of traveller are you?

What kind of traveller are you?

Every traveller is different. Before you take that first step to planning your next trip, ask yourself: are you willing to brave the crowd at Times Square in New York City during the year-end countdown or would you rather dive in the deep, blue sea to witness the wonders of Mother Nature?

It is important to understand your travel profile and be prepared for the stress, inconvenience, and unexpected expenses from unforeseen situations during your trip.

Here are three traveller profiles. Which one are you?

The thrill seeker

Adventure seeker

Land, air, or sea? Wherever you go, you are looking for the next adrenaline rush. Your trips are defined by the thrills you experience. The sky's the limit. Well, literally, because that is as high as you can go before you jump off the plane and experience the free-fall excitement of skydiving.

As you snap on those ski boots, grab on the skis, and swoosh down the powdered slopes, you feel invincible - there's nothing in this world that can stop you.

Well, except medical emergencies. Scrapes and bruises are expected but when you find yourself lying in a hospital bed from an accident during your trip, the last thing you want to worry about is the cost of a medical evacuation - or how much it'll cost to fix you up.

You need to ensure that you are well-covered for these types of high-risk adventure activities. But be mindful that not all travel insurance plans offer coverage for these types of activities. Always check your policy fine print.

If you are planning a ski trip to Niseko in Japan, or a dive in the Maldives, or have other trips this year, why buy single-trip policies? Consider getting ERGO TravelProtect annual Multi-Trip for year-round peace of mind.

Bear Fact: Do you know that ERGO TravelProtect provides comprehensive coverage for adventure activities such as bungee jumping, skydiving, paragliding, and scuba diving? Be sure to do these leisure pursuits with licensed operators and in authorised areas. Some activities such as scuba diving require you to have the necessary certification.

Even more important, if you encounter any unforeseen situation during your trip, ERGO Insurance has a hotline that provides round-the-clock emergency assistance worldwide.

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The smart frequent flyer

Frequent flyer

Whether it's a work trip to the world's business capitals or an idyllic island getaway, you love your globetrotting life. Because travelling is second nature to you, you have everything organised and under control. Because you're a smart traveller, you've bought travel insurance. Whether it's a flight cancellation, lost luggage, or an illness while on the road, you know you've got insurance protection from unforeseen situations and unexpected expenses.

Bear Fact: Since you are a regular traveller, you'd probably know that it's cheaper to buy an annual multi-trip travel insurance than several single-trip policies. Don't limit your coverage to just one region. Think big, GO WORLDWIDE!

Some travel insurance plans such as ERGO TravelProtect cover cancellations as early as 60 days before your planned departure date. Its Personal Accident Cover kicks in three hours before you depart.

Now that's thinking ahead.

The last-minute traveller

Last minute traveller

Perhaps you've been busy in the office and have had no time to plan your trip. Or you're feeling adventurous and spontaneous. You pick a flight on an airline website on the day you want to travel and off you go! (yes, we know some people who do this)

Whatever the reason, there's always that one person who'll be whipping out his or her phone to search for places to visit - AFTER they arrive at their destination! We know that leaving things to the last minute has its thrills - and you may end up having some of the best experiences in your life.

But here's a word of advice …

Bear Fact: Don't forget to get travel protection. If it has slipped your mind, don't worry. All you need is your smartphone (or a laptop or tablet) to buy your travel insurance plan online. ERGO Insurance, for example, has an easy-to-use interface so you can buy your travel plan from your mobile device even while you're on the way to the airport.

Just a few taps, some essential information, and you're covered and all set for your trip!

What does a traveller like you want?

When you're away from home, what you really want is the peace of mind knowing you are covered for unforeseen situations. The right travel insurance gives you that. Go to ERGO Insurance and find out how their comprehensive ERGO TravelProtect insurance plan gives you the assurance of a stress-free trip so you can focus on more important things - like sightseeing, exploring, and relaxing!

For more information, please refer to your ERGO TravelProtect policy for specific terms, conditions and exclusions.

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