Still on the lookout for the right travel insurance policy for your next trip? Why not try Go Travel insurance? 

Go Travel is a travel insurance policy by GoBear, underwritten by Chubb Insurance, and is a great option for travel insurance that you should consider for some peace of mind on your next trip. 

Want to know more? Here's what you need to know about Go Travel insurance and how to choose between Go Travel Basic, Go Travel Preferred and Go Travel Premium

Go Travel Basic, Preferred or Premium – What are the differences? 

Go Travel Basic

For your most basic level of protection during a trip, Go Travel Basic may be the right fit for your travel insurance coverage. 

The most affordable option of the three, this policy is great for those looking for minimal travel insurance coverage but with coverage for emergency situations. 

Most basic travel insurance policies do not have such a cover – Go Travel Basic offers accommodation cancellation up to $500 for your trip should a flight delay cause you to forfeit your accommodation expenses. 

It also generously covers up to $3,500 for lost and stolen belongings including baggage and personal effects, money, laptops, and hand-held computers. 

However, the Go Travel Basic policy does have its drawbacks in terms of the coverage amount. For instance, personal accident and overseas medical expenses coverages are relatively low, at $250,000 and $200,000 respectively for adults*. This may cover for most emergency situations but might not suffice if you were to get into more severe accidents that require complicated surgeries and treatment. 

This is why if you can afford to upgrade to either the Go Travel Premium or Go Travel Preferred policy, it might be recommended to do so. 

Go Travel Basic pros:

  • Accommodation cancellation
  • Most affordable out of the three
  • Sufficient coverage amount for most situations

Go Travel Basic cons: 

  • Lower coverage amount 
  • You miss out on unlimited emergency evacuation coverage
  • No child education grant

Go Travel Preferred 

Why you may want to choose Go Travel Preferred instead of Go Travel Basic:

In terms of accommodation cancellation, this policy offers double the coverage amount of Go Travel Basic at $1,000. If your accommodation costs are closer to this number, you might want to consider the Preferred policy as a better alternative.

Other perks include higher coverage amounts for most categories of coverage including personal accidents, medical expenses, lost bags and belongings, and journey postponements. 

Another major benefit you'll get with this policy is unlimited coverage for emergency medical evacuation, which is what you'd be missing if you were to opt for the cheaper Go Travel Basic. 

Go Travel Preferred pros:

  • More comprehensive coverage than Go Travel Basic for a reasonable premium

Go Travel Preferred cons:

  • Overseas medical expenses coverage for adults up to $500,000, compared to $2,000,000 coverage on Go Travel Premium

Go Travel Premium

Why you may want to choose Go Travel Premium instead of Go Travel Basic and Go Travel Preferred:

By far, of the three policies, Go Travel Premium offers the most comprehensive travel protection for your trip. 

The Go Travel Premium offers the highest coverage for overseas medical expenses ($2,000,000), personal accident ($500,000), and emergency evacuation (unlimited). This makes it the best policy to cover emergency situations during your trip. 

On top of that, coverage for travel inconveniences such as flight delays, flight postponements, and accommodation cancellation are also the highest, which gives you an added peace of mind should anything go wrong with your flights or accommodation arrangements. 

While it is the most expensive policy, the cost divided by number of days may not be that big a price to pay depending on your circumstances. This is especially relevant if your travel activities are of higher risk e.g. skiing1,  or if your travel destinations tend to have high overseas medical costs or have less accessible medical facilities.

Better safe than sorry!

Go Travel Premium pros: 

  • Out of the three plans, provides the most comprehensive coverage amounts and protection for emergency situations and travel inconveniences

Go Travel Premium cons:

  • More expensive

How to decide which Go Travel insurance to choose 

Still confused about which policy would suit your needs best? The following are a few things to consider when choosing between Go Travel Basic, Preferred and Premium.

Trip cancellation

All three Go Travel products offer compensation for trip cancellations caused by unavoidable circumstances. 

Fallen sick or had your flight cancelled? Go Travel has you covered. 

The difference is the coverage amount offered by each policy.

One easy way to decide on the right policy is to look at your expected losses should your flights and accommodation be cancelled (varies depending on what you've booked) and to get the policy that covers that amount. 

Accommodation cancellation 

With Go Travel insurance, have some peace of mind when you book your accommodation. 

Again, take a look at the accommodation you're paying for, check the hotel or Airbnb's cancellation policy and figure out what amount you'll lose should anything cause you to miss your trip. Once you've done that, you'll get a better idea of which Go Travel policy is worth your while. 

What else we love about Go Travel 

Here are a few more things all the Go Travel policies offer which we love.

Wrongful arrests 

If you're visiting a particularly turbulent area or country, it's definitely advisable to get a policy which will protect you against wrongful arrests. 

All three Go Travel policies offer coverage for legal expenses as a result of wrongful arrests should this unfortunate situation happen to you.

Lost passports 

While the thought of losing your passport in a foreign country is scary, it's also highly possible with all the hustle and bustle during trips. That is why it's always worth giving yourself some added sense of security and a travel insurance policy which covers such events. 

Go Travel offers coverage for lost passports and other important documents to varying degrees. 

Overseas Traditional Chinese Medical expenses

Another type of coverage that Go Travel offers is for overseas Traditional Chinese Medicine expenses. If you regularly use herbal and Chinese medicine when you're ill, or prefer to go to a sinseh, all Go Travel plans offer coverage of up to $750 for treatment of accidental injury or sickness by a licensed Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner, one of the highest amongst entry-level travel insurance policies.


Which GoTravel insurance fits your lifestyle?


If you're still having some trouble deciding which policy is right for you, GoBear's online comparison tool is here to help! 

Disclaimer: The features of Go Travel mentioned in this article may not be applicable to all Go Travel plans and the coverage amounts listed may not apply to you. This article is for informational and promotional purposes only; it does not constitute advice or recommendation and does not take into account your own individual circumstances. The information in this article may not be updated and you should always refer to the latest Policy Wording. In the event of any inconsistency, the Policy Wording shall prevail.

*Coverage amounts stated in this article are the standard for adults. Please refer to the applicable Policy Wording for the actual coverage amount applicable to individuals your age.

1Not all types of skiing are covered under Go Travel. Please refer to the applicable Policy Wording for the applicable exclusions.

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