We’ve all been there − end of weekend Sunday night blues!

That’s the thing about being an adult − you have responsibilities to fulfil, bills to pay.

But when you’re tired of the rat race, of always rushing and going through the motions at work, that’s when you know you need that well-deserved break.

Free yourself from routine. Take a trip to the unknown and live a little, get ready for your next adventure.

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Before you embark on your adventure, consider how to help keep unexpected problems off your itinerary including having the right travel insurance to cover anything unplanned.

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AIG's Travel Guard® Direct

Scuba dive at The Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Scuba diving

Enjoy a road trip along Australia’s Gold Coast with its spectacular beaches and pristine waterways. Take a leisurely drive with the windows down and the breeze in your hair. Take in the sights of the Gold Coast and enjoy the surfer’s vibe.

Here’s where your adventure begins – explore the wonders of the Great Barrier Reef and see nature close up close and at its finest.

The UNESCO World Heritage site is known for being nature’s greatest masterpiece; visible from outer space. You can swim, snorkel, or scuba dive and be in awe of the pure wonder of the Great Barrier Reef.

You’ll experience the Great Barrier Reef’s complex ecosystem and be treated to the spectacular sight of coral in a myriad of brilliant colours, shapes and sizes, and an array of marine animals.

Travel tip: Before you dive head first into the Great Barrier Reef, ensure that your family and friends know who to contact in an emergency. You can also rely on travel insurance such as AIG’s Travel Guard® Direct, which gives you access to global assistance service centres in eight locations worldwide in the event of an emergency.

Tandem skydive at the Bantayan Island, Philippines

Tandem skydiving

Experience the thrill down your spine as you freefall in a tandem skydive.

Fortunately, you can experience this thrilling activity closer to home than you think. Tandem skydiving activities can be found as close as at Bantayan Island in the Philippines.

What’s more, as you skydive, you’ll be taking in a bird’s eye view of Bantayan Island’s pristine clear waters and white sandy beaches.

Tandem skydiving is safer than you think, and it helps that you’ll be strapped to a licensed skydiver. But it’s important that you go with skydiving companies that have professional certifications such as a membership with the United States Parachute Association (USPA).

Travel tip: Leisure sports such as tandem skydiving and skiing have risks involved. Always ensure you’re adequately covered for unexpected accidents while you participate in these activities. AIG’s Travel Guard® Direct has that covered when you tandem skydive with certified companies, allowing you to enjoy your holiday with minimal worries.

Skiing in Niseko, Japan


There’s snow. And there’s Niseko snow. The renowned location in Japan boasts some of the finest powdery white snow that makes the skiing experience unlike any other.

Spending your break at Niseko is more than just skiing throughout the day. The ski resort is an eclectic mix of restaurants and ski shops and even has snowmobiles for rent.

Alternate between a day or two swooshing down the slopes on your ski or snowboard and taking a ride out across the powdery snow plains on the snowmobile.

If you need help recovering from sore, aching muscles, cap it off with a hot spring bath at the nearby onsen.

Travel tip: If you’re skiing for the first time, visit the ski shops and ask for a rental. Have a feel of the equipment and when you’re comfortable (and hooked), consider investing in a full set of skiing gear.

Your gear, just like you, should be properly covered. Plans such as AIG’s Travel Guard® Direct cover loss of sporting equipment for up to $2,000, so you don’t feel the double whammy of losing both your equipment and money.

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