Friends don’t let friends go on a holiday without travel insurance.

After all, who in their right mind would go on a trip without some form of assurance? We are just mere mortals who have no control over unpredictable weather that could cancel flights or shut down an airport.

As a fellow traveller, you know how these risks can be covered with the usual travel insurance coverage such as flight delays or cancellation, medical expenses or lost belongings.

But if you are a heck of a seasoned traveller, you would be aware of some not-so-obvious benefits that insurers will cover.

Good on you if you are on that level. Else, it’s time to learn of these uncommon benefits of your travel insurance. After that, you can pay it forward and share this knowledge with your friends to get some good karma.

Cover your cruise trip with travel insurance

Cruise insurance

Does travel insurance also include travel via luxury cruises? That’s an absolute yes.

But before you buy that policy, make sure you’ve opt-in for cruise insurance. While most insurers have this coverage, it’s considered an optional benefit for you to select.

So this begs the question - why should you get a travel insurance with a cruise insurance top-up when a standalone cruise insurance provided by the luxury liner is available?

Simple - standalone cruise insurance might not be as comprehensive as your travel insurance. Not to mention, travel insurance also considers unforeseen incidents outside of your cruise trip, such as a last-minute medical emergency that leaves you unable to travel

So always get a travel insurance, regardless if you’re leaving via a jet plane or on a luxury cruise ship.

GoBear travel tips

Selecting the cruise insurance option, unfortunately, might require you to top up your premium. However, there are insurers such as ERGO who provide this option at no cost as a value-added benefit.

So always shop around, compare various travel insurance and figure out which plan gives you the best value-for-money with these extra benefits.

Can’t travel? Let someone take your place

Travel plans disrupted because of a family emergency? Most people would usually see it as a lost cause and just cancel their trip.

But why let the trip go to waste? Your carefully planned itinerary can still be enjoyed vicariously through someone who can go in your stead.

Seriously though, there’s a more practical reason why you should get someone else to travel in your place. That’s because if certain activities in your travel itinerary is not fully covered by travel insurance, at least your replacement traveller can still go for it and help to offset the costs.

Unsure if your friends foot the bill? Think of it as good karma for helping your close friends with an awesome travel itinerary and giving them the holiday they deserve.

GoBear travel tip

You are probably aware that changing a traveller on your ticket can incur additional costs.

Now, the smart ones know that such administrative fees arising from a change in traveller can be covered by your travel insurance. Yes, true story. This is usually listed in most insurer’s policy wording, including ERGO’s.

Again, it’s always prudent to check your insurance policy wording to ensure you are truly well-covered for the trip.

Even your home is covered

Home insurance

The last thing you’ll expect your travel insurance to cover is your home. Oh, but it does.

We’re not kidding. Unbeknownst to many, your travel insurance might cover personal items in your home if they are stolen or damaged by fire while you are away. The whole point of travel insurance is to prepare you for unforeseen incidents due to your travel.

So it makes sense for a travel insurance plan to give you peace of mind over unprotected assets back home. Especially if no one is around to fend off a burglar or put out a fire at home while you’re travelling.

Your furkids are taken care of too

Pets coverage

Travel delays and cancellations often have various ramifications, which could disrupt your return plans.

Beyond affecting your schedule with people who are waiting for you back home, this disruption also extends to your pets. Well, only if you’ve left them in the care of a pet boarding house and you are unable to bring them home in time.

The extra cost to have the boarding house take care of them can be covered by your travel insurance.

Of course, like all insurance plans, do check the policy wording to understand the conditions that qualify you to make a successful claim.

Dental coverage to recover your smile

Dental coverage

As much as it sounds like something out of a cartoon episode, let’s just say falling flat on your face and chipping your tooth is a scenario that could happen. Especially when you are too engrossed with the sights and trip over a cobblestone.

Even if you don’t care about your looks, the least you should do is have a dentist check the injury to your pearly whites.

Oh, don’t worry about the cost. Your travel insurance would have included dental coverage, specifically if you require emergency dental treatment to restore your teeth.

Don’t put off the treatment, really. Because you’ll still have to eat, and you definitely need to fix your busted teeth to enjoy the overseas delicacies. Or for that matter, at least be well enough to for basic sustenance.

Leisure sports coverage is an unsung hero

Leisure sports coverage

For some, going on a holiday is more than the usual sightseeing and shopping.

Think tandem skydiving, bungee jumping, scuba diving and skiing. To them, the adrenaline rush and thrill of that freefall jump and speeding down a snowy slope are the real attraction.

Let’s be real though - these activities do come with a certain level of injury risk. That’s why most travellers ensure their travel insurance covers such activities. But remember, prevention is better than cure. Always take the necessary precautions during these activities because the true goal of travel insurance is to act as a safety net.

Also, never stand in the way of people who value their sports equipment as though their life depends on it.

We can totally understand why. Given that golf clubs cost in the five-figure range, this could explain their dedication towards protecting the equipment. The same can be said for other sports equipment, including but not limited to diving and skiing gear.

It’s safe to say that these are the people who are more stringent in checking how much coverage their sports equipment get in a travel insurance.

So for the truly woke travellers, this will be their go-to coverage feature.

Assurance for pregnant women

Pregnancy coverage

You might think you won’t travel during the pregnancy period. But for all the advanced planning of a trip six months down the road, the lucky couple might end up with a bun in the oven.

Honestly, you shouldn’t cancel your travel plans. Rather, you should take some precautions to cover pregnancy-related medical expenses that are incurred while you’re overseas.

Take heed that you should still take all the necessary precautions to ensure the pregnant traveller is well taken care of. Remember, travel insurance gives you some form of assurance only when things go awry.

Your passing is only the beginning for insurers

Not that we’re wishing ill upon you, but let’s be real - in the worst case scenario, an overseas accident might do you in.

Amidst the grief that your loved ones might face with your passing, they can take solace in the fact that your remains will be returned.

And there’s none of the troublesome admin work, not to mention the costs, of bringing you home. Most travel insurance will cover the repatriation of mortal remains or funeral expenses.

Concerned about how pre-existing conditions will be covered for this situation? It’s understandable, given that a man who went into a coma after a heart attack in Tokyo has highlighted the claims limitations for pre-existing medical conditions.

Fortunately, in the event of a death overseas, even if it was due to pre-existing medical conditions, ERGO covers the repatriation of mortal remains or funeral expenses. Hopefully, it doesn’t have to come to this situation, but you’ll be assured that the repatriation matters are taken care of.

GoBear travel insurance tip

Here’s something you might not have considered - child education protection. In the event of your passing, your family might face a huge budget pinch in financing your children’s education.

Child education protection is a somewhat uncommon feature, which triggers upon your accidental death. This protection applies to your child between the age of six to 18, and goes up to 23 years of age if your child studies in a recognised university.

Are these features for real?

True story, the benefits we’ve shared do exist.

But more importantly, are they a free value-added benefit? That would be a resounding yes for ERGO’s TravelProtect insurance plans.

ERGO TravelProtect is a comprehensive travel insurance that gives you peace of mind when you travel.

Besides the abovementioned features, ERGO TravelProtect also covers adventure sports activities with certified instructors while overseas such as skydiving, bungee jumping and jet skiing

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Learn more about ERGO TravelProtect.

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