This is why budget should never limit your dream home

This is why budget should never limit your dream home

The guy asks his partner, “Shall we go and apply for a BTO flat together?” and out pops the sparkling 0.3-carat diamond ring, and the guy goes down on his knee. Does this somehow sound familiar?

Getting married with the “BTO” opener topic seems so common these days as couples’ ballot for their dream home before the actual marriage proposal. Squabbles are common when it comes to planning for marriage as money is often the catalyst. Who says marriage is easy. Furthermore, the cost of filing for marriage at the Registry of Marriages has increased from $26 to $42.

However, what is a dream marriage without the dream home with the perfect renovation and home decor? Planning for renovation involves a lot of sourcing for different contractors or an interior design firm. Couples with little budget to speak of typically take a renovation loan to tide them over, but it is good to note that renovation loans require a minimum income to apply and cannot be used for furnishing such as furniture, home appliances or even decorative items. Fret not because thankfully, there is COURTS Design Studio.

COURTS Design Studio, in partnership with Ciseern and T-Werkz, provides you with a one-stop solution to your Home Interior Renovation and Furnishing needs. With COURTS Flexi Home, you will be able to run your dream into a reality at affordable monthly payments.

Targeted to resolve the woes of those whose annual income are below $30,000, or those who have difficulties in securing a renovation loan from the banks or even for those who do not want to impact their Total Debt Servicing Ratio (TDSR), the COURTS Flexi Home package, is truly the light at the end of the tunnel. The seamless application for COURTS Flexi Home has many great benefits as well:

  • No minimum income is required
  • No Bank loan required
  • NEW! Lowered Term charge of 8% (11.99%) per annum when you spend a minimum of $15,000 on COURTS Flexi Home Plan over a 2-year term*
  • Repayment period of 12 to 72 months for both renovation and furnishing packages
  • One-stop home solution of renovation and furnishing package
  • Professional interior design services and consultation by Ciseern or T-Werkz

*Other terms and conditions apply

About Ciseern

Founded in 1997, Ciseern is one of the pioneer interior design firms in Singapore that serves with over 18 years of interior design expertise. They are a fully integrated Interior Design firm incorporating turnkey projects, Interior Design Consultancy and Design & Build (Landed Properties). They have won multiple awards such as;

  • First to receive Spirit of Enterprise Award from President S R Nathan in 2005
  • Winner of Singapore Prestige Brand Award (Promising Brands category) in 2008
  • Winner of Singapore Prestige Brand Award (Established Brands category) in 2012
  • One of the pioneers in CaseTrust Accredited Renovation Business since 2006

Their accolades do not stop there. They have also been actively participating in the Celebrity Dream Homes serials for many years. Find out more about Ciseern here.

About T-Werkz

They are a team of passionate individuals who approach all their projects with the intention to make their clients experience beauty, space and peace in their new environment.

They are always discovering new ways to create designs that are different and with an element of surprise. Find out more about T-Werkz here.

To apply for the Flexi Home package, simply get your floor plan, NRIC and latest pay slip ready, and you are on the way to building your dream home with Courts. It is that simple and hassle-free!

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