Deal alert - unlimited data from $3 per day with Circles.Life

Deal alert - unlimited data from $3 per day with Circles.Life

As far as marketing stunts go, none beats the recent one that involved a "vending machine" (technically, a human was inside) dispensing $50 notes in exchange for $3.

An insane amount of people crowded around Raffles Place to earn a $47 profit, which led to the police clamping down on the activity. The people behind this stunt revealed themselves on the website, which turned out to be Circles.Life.

The telco is not new to such marketing gimmicks. But we're not here to talk about the gimmick. Instead, we are going to share the deal alert.

For just $3, you can get unlimited data from Circles.Life for a day.

Considering that smartphone users are a data-hungry bunch of people, this sounds like good news. In a nutshell, this is how Circles.Life compares against other telcos for an unlimited data option:

Unlimited data comparison

There are a few ways to look at this. You could consider activating your unlimited data with Circles.Life for just a day or two when you anticipate a huge data usage. Off the top of our heads, we can think of a few:

- Streaming a full-length feature film on Netflix

- Putting your favourite Spotify playlist on for the whole day

- Downloading a file that's almost 1GB for work

All that won't count towards your monthly limit if you activate the $3/day unlimited data package.

Here's another Beary good deal

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But, does this sound too good to be true?

Yes and no. The whole point of unlimited data on demand is to give you, the user, a choice. You can adjust your monthly bill based on your usage, rather than a flat fee on months of low usage.

However, the same advantage also acts as a double-edged sword. On heavy data usage months, you are looking at multiple $3 costs adding up. In the worst case scenario, you might end up paying nearly $90 more for a whole month of unlimited data.

Another point to note: if you've exceeded 100GB of data usage, your network speed will be throttled. That means you won't be downloading at 4G speeds and in today's context of media streaming, it makes a huge difference.

So how should I maximise this deal?

Regardless of your data limit, always monitor your data usage and ensure you have sufficient data to last through the month. Do not rely solely on the $3 unlimited data on demand option because the cost will add up.

Figure out what your data usage will like for the day. If you are able to moderate your usage, stay with your base plan's data pack.

But if you are waiting for someone and need to stream a show on Netflix to pass the time, activate the unlimited data option to prevent your basic data plan from busting the limit.

The general rule, however, is to look at a cap of $30 in a month for the unlimited data option. After all, if you are spending more than that, you might as well sign up with the new Zero1 telco.

Okay, how do I sign up?

If you are a Circles.Life user, head to your CirclesCare app > Dashboard and click on the big purple button up top when you want to activate $3 Unlimited Data on Demand.

To monitor the time left for your unlimited data usage, you can see the countdown timer listed on the CirclesCare app > Dashboard.