Best mooncake discounts with your credit cards (2018)

Best mooncake discounts with your credit cards (2018)

It’s mooncake season, and with that deliciousness comes an expanding waistline, especially with chefs making special quadruple egg yolk, snow skin, and probably gold-encrusted caviar flavours.

Let’s not forget that these once-a-year pastries are not the cheapest. Believe us, it’ll burn a hole in your wallet.

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But where there’s a credit card, there’s a way to lower the cost of these yummy mooncakes. Not to mention, you can also get cashback and airmiles from these purchases.

So if you have a craving for mooncakes from the usual suspects, read on.

Raffles Hotel

Raffles Hotel really stands out for their more unusual creations with their famous luxury mooncakes.

Raffles Hotel champagne truffle snowskin mooncake
Image credit: Raffles Hotel

Their Champagne Truffle and Ganache Snow-skin Mooncake ($76 for eight) is magically light on the stomach, while packing a heck of an intense flavour.

Raffles Hotel acai berry and chai snow-skin mooncake
Image credit: Raffles Hotel

For the more health conscious, Raffles now has an Acai Berry and Chia Seeds Snow-skin mooncake. That’s two superfoods packed into one pastry at $72 for eight. It’s totally new, so not many people know what to expect from this yet.

The other options range between $72 to $78. For more traditional mooncakes, Raffles has the Mother-of-Pearl with Single Yolk and White Lotus Paste ($76 for four pieces). Now these are good.

But to be honest, there are probably cheaper and comparable options if you want old school mooncakes.

Best credit card to use:

From now till 16th September, you get 20% off online orders if you pay with credit cards from the following banks:

  • Standard Chartered
  • Citibank
  • DBS
  • UOB

Standard Chartered Unlimited Cashback Credit Card

  • 1.5% cashback on all spend worldwide
  • No cashback cap and no minimum spend


We suggest the Standard Chartered Unlimited Cashback Credit Card which lowers the price of a $78 box to just $62.40. Plus, you get a further cashback of around a dollar.

If you rather do a walk-in purchase, here's a word of advice - don't get it at Raffles Hotel. Instead, go to the Festival Booth at Chevron House from now till 24th September.

Why? Because the Festival Booth affords the same 20% discount as the online purchase. But take note that this doesn’t stack with the credit card discounts we mentioned above.

Regent Hotel

Regent’s mooncake offerings this year are the result of a tag-team. Summer Palace Chinese Dim Sum (a Michelin star restaurant) teamed up with Manhattan (famous bar) to create new, alcohol themed snow-skin mooncakes.

Image credit: Regent Hotel

Ingredients like whiskey and rye are infused into the paste; it’s the closest you’ll get to drinking your mooncakes.

There’s a Barrel-aged La Louisiane Cocktail with Yuzu and Green Bean Paste, and Barrel-aged Sazerac 6-year-old Rye with Coffee and Chocolate (both $73 for a box of eight).

The most expensive set is the Manhattan Limited Edition Whiskey Tasting Box ($168 for eight). It comes with two specially curated American whiskies and barrel edged blends in taster bottles.

The Regent’s iconic luxury mooncake, the Golden Treasure Chef’s Bird’s Nest with Custard, is also available ($142 for eight), along with other staples.

Best credit card to use:

From now till 24th September, you can get 15% off with credit cards from the following banks:

  • Bank of China
  • Citibank
  • Diners Club
  • HSBC
  • Maybank
  • OCBC
  • UOB

BOC Dual Currency Diamond Credit Card

  • 2 points per $1 spend
  • No rewards cap


We recommend the BOC Dual Currency Diamond card. Besides the 15% discount, you get two reward points per dollar spent (and rewards points don’t expire for this card).

That reduces the price of a typical $73 box to just $58.40, and you’ll get 116 points per purchase.

This discount applies to both online purchases and walk-in orders at Regent Hotel. Word of caution - the discount does not apply to its both at Takashimaya.

Goodwood Park Hotel

Goodwood Park is known for two things during the mooncake season: generous promotions and fruit-themed mooncakes.

Goodwood Park mooncake
Image credit: Goodwood Park Hotel

One of the most unique flavours is the Soursop with Calamansi Snow-skin mooncake.

Yes, we can see the face you’re making if you’ve never heard of this before, but try it. The combination works better than you’d expect. It’s just $54 for four pieces.

Other fruit-flavoured mooncakes include Mango Pomelo Snow-skin ($54 for four), and Cempadak Snow-skin ($62 for four). The famous D24 Durian Snow-skin is available ($68 for four), or you can opt for an upgraded Mao Shan Wang version ($88 for four).

For baked mooncakes, be sure to try the assorted nuts with ham mooncake, also known as Kum Toy. It’s $72 for four, and makes for a pleasant contrast with the other flavours.

More conventional offerings are the baked White Lotus Seed Paste with double or practically-an-omelette-quadruple yolk mooncakes. But at $68 and $72 respectively for a box of four, it is on the pricier side.

Best credit card to use:

Uh, stay with us because it's going to get a bit complicated.

On 1st and 2nd September, you get 20% off for walk-in purchases only if you use the following cards from these banks:

  • OCBC
  • UOB
  • Citibank

If you purchase 4 boxes or more, this will be a 25% discount.

From 18th to 24th September, you get 15% off for the above cards when you do a walk-in purchase at the hotel.

If you missed the discount during these two days, fret not.  You still get 15% off all online orders from now to 19th September.

That reduces a $54 box to just $43.20 if you buy on 1st or 2nd September, or $45.90 between 18th to 24th September.

Citi PremiereMiles Visa Credit Card

  • Up to 10 Citi Miles per $1 spend on online travel bookings
  • 2 Citi Miles per $1 spend in foreign currency


For travellers, we suggest you use the Citi PremiereMiles Visa card. This gives you 1.2 miles per dollar spent, on top of the discount.

UOB UnionPay Credit Card

  • 2% cashback on all spend
  • Up to 10% off at over 100 duty free shops worldwide


If you’re not after air miles, go for the UOB UnionPay card instead – this gives you 2% off dining expenditures. You can have lunch there while picking up your discounted mooncakes.

Although we've been talking up all the credit card discounts, Goodwood Park Gourmet Card holders enjoy a better offer. From now to 24th September, this hotel-specific card gives you 20% off. That's higher than what you get with credit cards during that period, so you may want to use this instead.

The Ritz-Carlton Millenia Singapore

More alcoholic goodness here. The Ritz-Carlton has an assorted mini snowskin martini mooncake. This box of eight includes four of the new Irish Martini Snow-skin Mooncakes, which features a mix of stout, vodka, campari, and beer.

The Lychee Martini Snow-skin, which is their trademark, is included in the set too. Together, they cost $76.

$76 for 8 pieces of alcoholic mooncakes. That price might not sit well with you, and you might be tempted to re-create this by dropping a mooncake on a Martini-drenched bar top.

But if you don't subscribe to the three-second (or more, depending on your hygiene tolerance), would you even consume a mooncake that lands on a bar top?

Ritz Carlton snowskin mooncake
Image credit: Ritz-Carlton

For more traditional baked mooncakes, they have a White Lotus Seed Paste with Red Date and Longan ($76 for four). Okay, so it’s not strictly traditional, but this is great for people who don’t want the heavy feel of yolk-laden mooncakes.

There’s also the plain White Lotus Seed Paste mooncakes at $72 for four. But as we keep saying, if you want plain and simple there are comparable and cheaper options outside of a hotel.

Other options include Mao Shan Wang Durian-skin mooncakes ($82 for eight), and Green Tea Snow-skin mooncakes ($70 for eight).

Best credit card to use:

From now till 21st September, you can get 15% off for the following cards:

  • DBS / POSB
  • UOB
  • OCBC
  • Citibank
  • Maybank

Maybank FC Barcelona Visa Signature Card

  • 1.6% cashback on all local spend
  • No cashback cap and no minimum spend


We suggest you use the Maybank FC Barcelona Visa Signature card.

It doesn’t matter if you’re not a football fan. The card gives you 1.6% cashback on all local spending, on top of the discount.

So your $72 mooncakes are just $61.20, with another dollar on top for the cashback.


Bakerzin sells its mooncakes in themed sets that will challenge your senses.

Bakerzin Brilliance collection
Image credit: Bakerzin

For example, the Brilliance Collection has fruit-based flavours (cempadak, honeydew, orange, and strawberry), and is $54.21 for eight.

The Splendour Collection is all durian snow-skin mooncakes, at $91.59 for eight. This is the most expensive of the lot.

The Signature collection, which is the most conventional with a premium egg yolk blend, is $56.07 for four.

There are others, but the price range per set is between $52 to $61, with the exception of the Splendour Collection.

These are some of the most competitively priced mooncakes for the quality you’re getting.

Best credit card to use:

From now until 24th September, you get 15% off when using DBS / POSB cards.

POSB Everyday Card

  • Up to 14% cashback on dining
  • Up to 6% cashback on everyday essentials like SPC, Sheng Siong and more


We suggest the POSB Everyday Card, which gives you up to 14% cashback on selected dining. There are also loads of one-for-one meal deals.

The 15% discount from DBS / POSB cards stacks with the discounts below, for all mooncakes except the Splendour collection.

Other promotions that add on:

From now till 2nd September, there’s 15% off all mooncakes except for the Splendour collection. The Splendour selection has its own discount (10% off) until 9th September.

So let's do the math. If you stack the 15% discount with your credit card's 15% off, that can reduce the Brilliance collection's $54 cost to approximately $39.

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