Your HDB doesn’t have to look like a HDB. If the recent award-winning BTO projects are any indication, they can look like swanky condominiums. But that’s on the outside. On the inside, your flat can look even more lux, even if it’s just a 2-room flexi. All you need is a really fly interior designer and some room for creativity. From the main front door to the deepest sanctum of the bathroom, we have a starter kit of five ways to help you with your grand makeover.

Oh yes, please stand by your phone. MTV Cribs may come calling.

White and Gold Entrance



First order of business: start with the front door, then work your way in. Why wouldn’t you? Think of it as the hotel lobby of your home. It is the very first thing you and your beloved guests lay eyes upon before entering, and it sets the tone for a five-star stay. Or not. By default, HDB flats come with a nondescript door and iron grill front gate, an arrangement that differs from the sleek, wood paneled bolted doors of luxury condos. But what you can do to kick up the luxury factor is to go for a new paint job. Let this white and gold accented interior of King George Hotel in Athens be your guide.

Raise Your Bedroom Game




Literally. Anybody can invest in a queen-sized bed, white puffy sheets and high thread count pillow cases and slide them up against the bedroom wall. You’ll sleep like a baby, sure. But no one can actually tell. Make things a little more obvious (and edgy, too, might we add) by going for platform beds. The bonus part is that you can do away with chunky bed frames and let the elevated platform show how you sleep like a king every night.

Bathroom TV 



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If you are to take a good hard look at bathrooms in luxury condo apartments, they tend to have glass door showers and wide ceramic washbasins outfitted. They also adhere to a very clean, uncluttered look. Is there anything more you can do to upgrade this private sanctuary where you spend at least 15 minutes in every morning? But, of course. For a start, you can speak to your interior designer on how you can eliminate the shower quarter and position a soak tub to face a section of the wall. And on that particular section of the bathroom wall, mount a flat screen TV.

You won’t ever have to miss the good parts of your favourite TV show while you rush through an unenjoyable shower. It is meant to be savoured after a long hard day at work.

Glass and Mirrors


There’s more to mirrors than for you to admire your pretty face hours on end. Mirrors are popular, cost-efficient tools to artificially enhance spaces in a home. If done just right without compromising on the warmth of the home, it can make your tiny 3-room HDB look two rooms larger.

If possible, incorporate the close cousin of mirrors too: glass panels. By having glass partitions in place of cold, hard walls, the increased amount of light let in can naturally brighten up the house.

Moving into an actual luxury condo may be an aspiration that is distant on the horizon, but whoever said you can’t fake it till you make it?

Open Kitchen Concept


Take this as part two of your space enhancement mission. One of the main features of luxury condos is its spaciousness and while mirrors give the illusion of a larger apartment, there is nothing artificial about an open kitchen concept. This trend has been a hit with home owners and we’d say it won’t be dying down anytime soon, thanks to its well-balanced mix of aesthetics and practicality. Feel free to set up a stylish island counter top to delineate the cooking space, so the kitchen doesn’t look like it completely belongs to the living room. Plant a few stools by the counter to turn it into a makeshift bar.

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