Keeping track of the latest interior trends can be a tough affair, especially when what's considered 'trendy' changes from year-to-year, or even month-to-month, making it hard to predict what's going to be fashionable. Then again, it's always good to be on top of current trends, simply because it'll be much easier to update your home's look.

What's On The Rise

1. Japanese Simplicity: Wabi-Sabi

Japanese Simplicity: Wabi-Sabi

Homeowners are opting for more simple, natural looks (with a rustic touch) over fancier ones. Wabi-Sabi is a Japanese aesthetic philosophy positing that there is beauty to be found in natural imperfection.

The Local INN.terior

A home ascribing to the Wabi-Sabi philosophy is one that embraces humble organic materials and irregularity - meaning subtle cracks, asymmetry and a little wear and tear won't be a bother. In fact, that's what will give the space a rustic charm that is truly authentic!

2. Mixed Geometrical Shapes

Hello Circus

Geometrical patterns have proven themselves time and again as a versatile décor feature, showing us you don't need intricate motifs to create visual interest at home.

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Try bringing in neutral-coloured patterns with thin outlines for a classy touch. Want something a whole lot bolder? Then go for big, vibrant patterns that grab attention.

Used alongside contrasting colours, these shapes serve as visual cues demarcating different spaces and material palettes.

3. Metallic Accents & Accessories


Ever wanted to incorporate iridescent highlights in your interior, but fear they may come across as tacky? Fear not, keep metallic accents are in trend - and colour authority Pantone affirms this, noting it as an up-and-rising interior trend for 2018.

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But remember, whether you're using brass, copper or gold, use them sparingly! Give darker (and duller) spaces in your home a chance to shine by making small, but thoughtful additions in the form of metallic handles, light fixtures or ornaments.

What's Staying In Vogue

If you have incorporated any of the following décor elements in your home - you're safe! These trends are staying popular in 2018.

1. Nature-Inspired Décor


Bring in some natural goodness with indoor plants, rustic furnishings and other nature-related décor items for a green touch. And due to its evergreen charm, you can be sure this is one trend that'll be sticking around.

Hello Circus

While potted plants and terrariums are the usual go-tos, these green 'pets' require time and attention - the urban dweller may not have that kind of time or attention. One fuss-free option is to simply bring in botanical prints in the form of soft furnishings or wallpaper.

2. White & Wood

Inzz StudioIntrigue-d Design Consultancy

Here's a favourite: the minimalist-chic combination of whitewashed spaces and natural surfaces. These minimalist interiors embody a simplicity and practicality, that's conveyed no better than white-and-wood.

3. Raw Textures

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Just like white-and-wood interiors, raw textures are unlikely to go out of style this year. Concrete, rough brick, and other exposed surfaces are great for creating an edgy contrast, especially when paired off against luxe surfaces like marble and warm metals; adding rustic or aged elements to a sophisticated space strikes the right balance between cool refinement and cosy comfort.

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