Good, better, best – Find the Right Credit Card

Good, better, best – Find the Right Credit Card

If your wallet is bulging with plastic, it’s time to do a quick audit.

Do you remember all the benefits and rewards that come along with each card? Which one should you fish out for what perks? Are they all still relevant to your needs and wants?

You probably can’t recall all the details and I don’t blame you.

You see, at GoBear, I specialise in credit card comparison in Singapore. Back in the Netherlands where I come from, most credit cards don’t have annual fee waivers and I couldn’t care less about the reward points because there is none. A credit card is what is was originally created for: to stand in for cash before I get to the bank.

My research on Singapore’s credit card scene tells me a whole different story. In this holiday season, carrying three or more cards around is a local shopping protocol.

There are so many different benefits and rewards that range from free gifts, air miles, reward points or cashback, just to name a few. Then there’s the flipside to everything positive -- reward caps, minimum spend requirements and other fine print that are meant to dampen your high spirits as you’re about to make that redemption.

Also, your income and spending pattern change over time. Remember those bank reminder letters that urge you to review your income level and stay loyal to one card.

Before committing to another few years, why not take stock now and look at what other cards could offer?

As your income changes and rises, so do the card rewards, not forgetting that banks favour new applicants and offer more interesting benefits.

The million-dollar question is: Which is the best credit card? Our friends often say “it depends”, but that just begs the question.

As a self-proclaimed credit card expert, I can say for sure that there are months of research to be done before we can better determine which credit card suits us best. As for me, I found the best way to compare all credit card benefits and rewards at one simple glance.

GoBear helps you to find that personal card that fits your lifestyle, based on questions such as:

  • How much do you spend?
  • Where would you spend it – groceries, shopping, travel, dining, fuel, entertainment?
  • What do you want to be rewarded with?
  • Which extra benefits do you value most, such as complimentary airport lounge access, travel insurance or golfing privileges?

Simply click on our tool at GoBear and compare.