GoBear Quiz: Which credit card are you?

GoBear Quiz: Which credit card are you?

Are you in the market for a new credit card? Then you’re in luck! Imagine Merlin the wizard transforming you into a credit card with a wave of his staff. Which one would you be? While our credit card comparison is the closest thing you can get to that, the following questionnaire is the second closest thing you can get to that. Take the quiz and find out which credit card best matches your lifestyle. When it’s all said and done, you might discover a little more about yourself too.


Which industry does your profession best fall under?

a)    Finance/Banking/Sales

b)    Self-employed

c)     Creative

d)    Technology

e)    Healthcare

Your social media presence is…

a)    Oh-so-popular. Every day there must be a post about your #OOTD and your 9K followers need to know where you got your ensemble from.

b)    Throwbacks to vacays. Because work sucks and you need something to make those office hours feel better.

c)     #shiok #foodie #sgeats #foodporn #sohungry #yumsforthetums

d)    Filled with complaints about MRT delays, errant Uber drivers and taxis pretending to be busy.

e)    Pretty much non-existent – unless you’re talking about sharing cat videos or stalking people.

What is your favourite color?

a)    Silver

b)    Blue

c)     Red

d)    Green

e)    Black


A Michelin-star restaurant opens. You…

a)    Relish the thought of trying that S$80 signature wagyu beef burger, but you are more concerned about spilling the mess over your new dress than the mind-boggling price tag that has yet to factor in the GST and service tax. 

b)    Secretly judge everyone for following the fad, because you know a dozen restaurants in the Ginza district in Tokyo that are waaay better.

c)     Freak out, make the first reservation and make sure you have all your camera equipment packed for the opening launch.

d)    Write in to ask if they happen to offer complimentary Grab/Uber rides after spending the minimum amount.

e)     “Oh, that celebrity chef? I know all his recipes from YouTube. Why queue when I can make for you at home!?”

Pick a word/term that best describes you:

a)    Simply vogue

b)    YOLO! / FOMO!

c)     Hungry

d)    Self-driven

e)    Domestic goddess

Pick a movie:

a)    Confessions of a Shopaholic

b)    The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

c)     Jiro Dreams of Sushi

d)    The Wolf of Wall Street

e)    Ratatouille

What is your poison?

a)    Cosmopolitan

b)    Red wine

c)     Negroni

d)    A pint of Heineken

e)    “Err… do you have anything that is kale-based?”

In an alternate universe, you find yourself with super powers. Which would you want it to be?

a)    Pffft. Who needs super powers when you can have military-grade smart gadgets to fight crime?

b)    Ability to tame a fire-breathing dragon and have your new pet double as your fancy flight

c)     Healing touch

d)    Speed faster than lightning

e)    Super strength


And the verdict is...

  This credit card would be perfect for you!
If you answered mostly A

You live in a fabulous flat in the trendiest neighbourhood, you have in tow a troupe of glamorous friends, and you own a closet brimming with the season's must-haves. Therefore, you need the Standard Chartered Unlimited Cashback Credit Card! Select shopping as your preferred category to enjoy 5% cash back on all retail purchases. There is no cap on how much cash back you can get. 

If you answered mostly B

You probably see the insides of a jet more than you do a SBS bus or SMRT train. Yes, you love travelling that much. Therefore, you need the Citibank PremierMiles Visa card! You can earn up to 42,000 bonus miles after signing up for the credit card.

If you answered mostly C

You are that consummate foodie who lives to eat, not eat to live. Therefore, you need the OCBC 365! Satisfy that bottomless pit you call a stomach with 6% cash back on weekend dining and 3% on weekdays.

If you answered mostly D

You live life on the fast lane, literally and figuratively. The hustler’s lifestyle calls for you to always be on the go, and it is no coincidence you hanker after the hottest set of wheels. Therefore, you need the Citi PremierMiles Visa Card! It offers one of the highest petrol privileges at up to 26.6% as well as generous Uber credits.

If you answered mostly E

The kitchen is your temple. Your favourite TV show is MasterChef. And your family members are lab rats for all your new recipes. Therefore, you need the Maybank Family & Friends card! What do you know, with 8% cash rebates on groceries at NTUC, Cold Storage and Unity, you can play the new age Martha Stewart for your family and friends all day every day!