It’s not something we like to think about, but car accidents happen and it’s important any driver  knows what to do if you’re caught in a crash. Here we’ll show you the steps you will need to take immediately after a car crash: 

1. Stop 

However small you think a car accident is, you need to stop. Failing to do so is an offence and can also affect any damage claims against your insurance. Switch off your car engine and turn your hazard lights on to alert other road users. 

2. Call the police and ambulance if someone was hurt in the car accident

The police should be called if the accident site is blocking the road. Give your vehicle registration number, your name and address, and that of the vehicle owner (if different) to the police. Call for an ambulance as well if anyone was injured.

3. Call your insurer's hotline for a tow truck or for further advice

Report and bring your accident vehicle to the approved reporting centre within 24 hours and bring the following documents with you:

  • Your NRIC or other identification documents,
  • Driving licence
  • Original Vehicle Insurance Certificate.

 You must try to obtain the following information for your reporting:

  • Registration numbers of vehicles involved.
  • Make/model/colour of vehicles.
  • Name/address/NRIC of the other driver.
  • Contact number of the other driver.
  • Insurance company of the other driver.
  • Extent of damage to vehicles.
  • Date/time/place of the accident.
  • Photographs or video footage taken at scene of accident, if any.
  • Particulars of any witnesses.
  • Weather and road conditions during the accident.

4. Take notes/photographs of all details of the accident

Take pictures at the accident scene and submit all pictures at your authorised accident reporting centre. Make sure you have photographic proof of:

  • Accident scene capturing the accident vehicles and surrounding areas.
  • Your own vehicle, the key damages and ensuring you have the license plate in view.
  • Other damaged vehicles.