Knowing what you’re signing up for and what you’re actually entitled to is crucial when buying travel insurance coverage in Singapore.

To avoid making the mistake of getting caught in an accident or travel inconvenience without the proper knowledge of whether your travel insurance has your back or not, let’s go over some of the main types of coverage that you might find in an insurance policy, and how these are there to back you up.

1. Personal accident coverage

This covers you against accidents overseas which may cost you your life, or may leave you permanently disabled (such as losing a limb or your eyesight). Keep in mind that most insurers will double the amount of coverage if the accident happens on any form of public transport.

  • Child education grant: This is the amount paid to help raise your child if you happen to pass away or get permanently disabled while overseas.

With this in mind, if during your stay your bus crashed resulting in you passing away, not only would your family get covered for the event, but they could also double the amount and get additional benefits for each child under the policy (up to a limit in the number of children).

2. Medical coverage

This covers for the medical expenses which may arise from getting injured or ill while overseas. This includes the costs of staying at a hospital and the additional follow-up medical expenses once you’re back at Singapore.

  • Emergency dental assistance: This covers the costs of visiting a dentist due to a dental emergency. Sometimes comes bundled into ordinary medical coverage.
  • Chinese physicians and chiropractors: Coverage for a visit to said practitioner while overseas.
  • Emergency Medical Evacuation: This covers the costs of getting you to the nearest appropriate medical center, or the costs of transferring you to another hospital for a procedure.
  • Repatriation expenses and compassionate visit: This covers the costs of having your remains sent back to Singapore for due process if you pass away, and the costs of having a family member or close friend travel to make the final arrangements.
  • Hospital visitation and child protection: Allows for a family member or close friend to not only visit you during your stay at a hospital outside of Singapore, but to also bring your child back to Singapore. Keep in mind that you might have to stay over 5 days as an in-patient before travel visitation coverage kicks in.

 This means that, if you ever fall sick during your holidays with your children, not only will travel insurance coverage in Singapore pay for the medical bills, but they’ll also make sure that each and every arrangement is made to get you the medical assistance required, and get your children back to safety.

3. Trip Inconvenience coverage

Covers for most events which may get in the way of your trip. This includes flight inconvenience coverage, as well as coverage for events which may happen once you’re at your point of destination.

  • Trip cancelations or postponements: If you get caught in a car accident on the way to the airport, or either you or a close relative gets seriously ill or passes away and you have to call off the trip, or at least suspend it for the time being, this covers all of the expenses you already paid in advance, or the cost of rebooking your flight.This coverage also kicks in if your travel agency suddenly files for bankruptcy, and your travel arrangements get canceled.
  • Trip curtailment: This covers the payments you made in advance for a trip that you had to cut short due to some unexpected event such as getting sick or injured.
  • Baggage coverage: If your baggage ever gets lost during flight, delayed, damaged, or your belongings stolen, this allows you to replace whatever’s missing, or get a reimbursement of the damaged or stolen goods.Keep in mind that not all of your belongings might be covered, travel insurance coverage in Singapore may limit the protection for valuables and cash.
  • Flight delays or misconnections: If your airline delays your flight, or is unable to get you to your connecting flight, this covers for the expenses of having to stay longer than planned, including meals, transport and hotel accommodations.
  • Lost or stolen travel documents and credit cards: This covers the expenses of replacing your travel documents, as well as safeguard your finances from fraud if your credit card ever gets stolen.
  • Liability coverage: If you’re ever made liable to someone’s injuries or property damage while overseas, this covers for the compensation payments you’d normally have to make. 
  • Hijacking, diversion and terrorism: If the worst case scenario happens, travel insurance coverage in Singapore can back you up by providing you and your family with a set of benefits during those difficult times.