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It’s 2016, but is your laptop as up to date as you are? We compare two new laptops that are ahead of the pack in speed and mobility – and look good too.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4

Microsoft went from granddaddy to hipster with the release of Surface Pro 3 in 2014. The new 
Surface Pro 4 just cranked things up a notch. The Surface Pro marries the best of worlds – touch-screen and PC. Detach the keyboard cover (optional accessory) and you have a tablet with a pen digitizer that you can use to sketch or annotate notes with. The built-in multi-stage-kickstand works surprisingly well too, putting other tablet cases with built-in stands to shame.

The new Surface Pro 4 retains all of these characteristics and increases its screen real estate by shrinking the bezel but maintaining the same form factor that is slimmer to boot. Thanks to the latest and greatest microprocessors from Intel, the result is an improved cooling system that will not burn your laps like it predecessor did.

Finally, the improved keyboard cover features chiclet keys (choose from black, red and blue colours) that are even easier to type on. Did we mention it also runs a full-fledged Windows 10 Professional under the hood? That’s a powerhouse packed in a slim body.

Apple MacBook


The new 
MacBook is sure to turn heads at cafes or airport lounges – this 12-incher sports a new form factor (in gold, silver and grey) and even trumps its cousin MacBook Air with a new standard in size 0 for PC. Its flush body of just 13.1mm thick and less than 1kg (920g if you must know) in weight is achieved with some design disruptions: contoured batteries, butterfly mechanism for a thinner than usual keyboard, and the pioneering lone USB-C port. 

The best thing about this iteration is the razor-sharp Retina resolution that Mac fans have clamoured for. Apple also beefed up its signature large glass trackpad with pressure-sensing Force Touch technology, speeding up your navigation and improving user experience. Standard features that Mac users love are all there, such as the full-size keyboard and “full day” (9 hours) battery life.

There are some drawbacks. Firstly, the Intel Core M processor is hardly the fastest around but if you’re just emailing, processing documents and browsing the web, the lack in speed is hardly detectable. Secondly, getting around with only one USB-C port that’s hardly a universal standard might take some getting used to. But despite all that, Apple is still the only brand with a year-on-year increase in PC sales. 

It’s worth noting that both Microsoft and Apple offer educational discounts at their online store if you are a student or academic staff. Instalment payment is available only at Apple’s online store, using Citibank credit cards. Delivery is free for both. So what are you waiting for?

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