Credit Card

The Michelin Star Guide is finally coming to Singapore later this year and you can now head over to the newly launched Michelin Guide Singapore website and order your own copy. Nobody really knows how the elusive stars are exactly awarded as it has always been a heavily guarded secret. Doesn't matter, the Michelin Guide adds to the fun of dining in Singapore. But before you start planning on hopping around and eat to your heart's content, be sure to carry plastics that give you the best rewards through your dining spend. 

In the current market, there are lots of credit cards that offer very generous cashback rewards for dining. Let's say, if you plan to splurge $1000 dollar just dining at a few Michelin-starred outlets in a month, here are four cards that stand out from the crowd:

  2. ANZ Optimum
  3. OCBC 365
  4. CIMB Visa Signature


Percentage wise, the Visa Signature from CIMB gives you 10% cashback on dining, the most among the four cards. Close competitors are the UOB YOLO and OCBC 365, which offer similar rates on weekends and weekdays. Do check out our detailed comparison of these two cards.

Keep in mind that there are a few restrictions that might see you earn only 0.2% to 0.3% if you do not satisfy certain conditions. Also there is a cap on the maximum cashback you can earn: $60 for UOB Yolo and CIMB Visa Signature and $80 for OCBC 365.

For the high flyers, there are two more suitable options, the ANZ Optimum gives 5% cashback on dining, with no stipulated period of spending. What’s more, there are no caps on the cashback you can earn or a minimum spend per month. In the miles spectrum, the OCBC Voyage gives you 2.3 miles per dollar you spend on dining. Note that you will have to pay the hefty annual fee of $488, but this gives you 15,000 miles as a reward.

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