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It is said diamonds are a girl’s best friend or maybe it’s the latest Alexander McQueen dress from the Autumn/Winter collection. But why settle for just pretty frocks and shimmery rocks when you can have four BFFs? Whether you’re a modern day Super Mum with a MacBook in one hand and a toddler on the other, or a high flying #GirlBoss in a pantsuit, the following four women-centric credit cards we’ve picked out have more than what it takes to get you swimming in shopping rewards, cashbacks and exclusive privileges. The best part? They make things a little more worthwhile as you make yourself more of those ‘best friends’. Let’s see how they stack up.  

ANZ Optimum World MasterCard


If you’ve read our coverage on the best cashback cards for online shopping, you would know by now that cashback privileges usually come with caps or a minimum spend on a certain category. You would have also gotten a preview of what the ANZ Optimum World MasterCard has to offer. With no ceiling on how much cashback you can receive and no minimum spending requirements, you can almost be guaranteed an optimum retail therapy experience.

But ladies, how about an online flash sale every single weekend? Arguably the card’s show stealer, card holders can enjoy up to S$100 cash rebate for any online purchases from Friday to Sunday every week. The promotion lasts from now until 4 September. That’s on top of the cashback programme offered by the card; you get to enjoy 5% every calendar quarter on one chosen category (dining/travel/shopping/groceries) and 1% on the rest. Mothers, you now have a tool to literally Shop ‘n Save. All the single ladies, you now have another excuse to gather your clique for Saturday Night Fever.   

It really doesn’t matter what kind of lady figure you cut or how you choose to lead your lifestyle. The ANZ Optimum World MasterCard, like Yoga pants, fits itself to the cardholder and not the other way around.

Eligibility: Must be at least 21 years old and earning an annual income of S$80,000 and above.

Citi Rewards Card


The Citi Rewards Card makes no bones about it: what you see in the name is what you get. This points card supercharges your Citi Rewards points by 10X for every S$1 spent on shoes, clothes or bags, be it online or offline. Then again, you don’t have to be restricted to those categories. Similar gains can be reaped as long as you make purchases at any department stores.

Although you don’t get instant gratification like hefty discounts at participating fashion retailers or cold hard cash rebates, these Rewards points should make you feel powerful. If chalked up sufficiently, they can be exchanged for freebies that would make any lady swoon in exhilaration. We’re talking about free flights, hotel stays, tech gadgets and F&B vouchers. Free gift cards for even more shopping. It’s a free world. What a girl wants, a girl gets with her Rewards points.

Eligibility: Must be at least 21 years old and earning an annual income of S$30,000 and above.

DBS Woman’s World MasterCard


As much as shopping is of cosmic importance in a woman’s world, it is not everything. A modern day woman is one who’s savvy enough to understand health is just as valuable as wealth; the DBS Woman’s World MasterCard grants two complimentary visits to True Fitness centers and you can either bust out a sweat at the gym or bend like a pretzel at their yoga branches. After all, you’ve to live strong to shop another day, right?

Over at the retail front, online shopping purchases earn 10X DBS Points (or 20 miles) for every S$5 spent, but this is only applicable to the first S$2,000. Overseas shopping gets you 3 points for the same amount spent. If you’re not sure where you can stretch your dollar with the DBS Woman’s World MasterCard, download the DBS Lifestyle app and you’ll be pointed in the right direction.

Eligibility: Must be at least 21 years old and earning an annual income of S$80,000 and above.

UOB Lady’s Card


You know a card is the epitome of girl power when the tagline says ‘The Men Don’t Get It’. There is a glut of complimentary offers waiting to be unlocked once you sign up for the UOB Lady’s card, including free drinks at selected bars on weeknights, free Singapore Repertoire Theatre tickets, free weekend parking (only for 2 hours at selected malls in town) and free spa treatments. As a points card, expect to receive up to 10% SMART$ rebates at over 900 stores across dining, fashion, petrol, groceries and leisure categories, and they can be used to offset your next purchase.

But for a card that’s supposed to leave men scratching their heads, the points reward for shopping leave little to cheer about. You earn 5X UNI$ for every $5 spent overseas or online, only if you charge a minimum of S$3,000 to the card. That’s rather OTT for a S$40,000 annual income credit card. The real gem of the UOB Lady’s card actually lies in the travel department, where you can fly far and high with massive 20% discounts on Starwood and selected AirAsia destinations, among other irresistible deals would leave the guys green in the face.

Ladies, what are you waiting for? Start packing your bags.   

Eligibility: Must be at least 21 years old, female and earning an annual income of S$40,000 and above.   

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