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You might have been globetrotting and visited famous Australian landmarks. But it’s often said that the streets paint a more bona fide picture of local culture. We uncover trendy nooks and crannies of Australia and bring you this cool list of Aussie trivia that would come in handy when you decide to embark on a new Aussie journey across off-beaten tracks.

1. Leave Your Snacks at Home.

Australia’s entry customs are extremely strict, which means most foods, especially fresh produce are prohibited. Now, before you “whinge” (Aussie slang for “whine”, see point 2) about not being able to bring milk powder, coffee powder, and the likes; understand that this iron rule has kept many unwanted and invasive species away, protecting the country’s huge array of plants and its beautiful giant wildlife sanctuary, which you’ll get to enjoy (we also reckon that this might be the reason why Australia is also home to oversized spiders, which thrive comfortably in the country’s optimum natural habitat).

2. “G’Day, mate!” is just the beginning, mate.

Like Singaporeans have their Singlish, Aussies also have their own brand of slangs. Why not pick up a few? Here are a couple of easy ones for starters:

Straya: An abbreviation of Australia and pronounced in a single syllable. Often used in casual conversation.

Arvo: afternoon in short form. Aussies typically love to shorten words and add “-o” at the end of them. E.g: Bottle-o, bowlo, servo would mean bottle shop, bowling alley and service station (petrol station).

Sickie: sick day, or MC. Also, the Aussie term “chuck a sickie” is basically the equivalent of pretending to be sick to get off work or school, or in Singlish, “chao keng”.

Sweet as: a positive affirmation. “That farm stay was sweet as, hey.”

Hey/Eh: placed at the back of a sentence. It’s commonly used on sentences to invite agreement or disagreement to the topic. Singlish equivalent, “hor?” “It’s warm out today, I think we can leave our jackets back at the hotel, hey.” When translated to Singlish: “Today not so cold, so no need to bring jacket hor?”

How’re you going?: Please do not reply with, “I’ll be going by the CityRail.” It actually means “How are you?”

Whinge: to whine or complain. “Stop your whinging or we’ll cancel our outing to MovieWorld this arvo.”


3. Australian Football

Also known as Aussie rules, football, or footy. Two teams, each with eighteen players, have to score points by kicking the ball between goal posts, and players are allowed to tackle opponents with their hands. If you’re a sports fan, it would be worth catching a game when you’re in town. Check the Australian Football League site to find out if a game is playing near you during your trip.

4. Coffee Culture

While Australia has no unique culinary cuisine of its own, it boasts of a strong coffee culture. Locals are spoiled silly with high quality coffee standards and will not settle for less, which means an ongoing demand for better cafes across the states. Because of this, coffee chains like Starbucks and Gloria Jeans are low on the popularity scale, and these chains only make up 5% of the market. So pop into a nearby café during your trip, and order an espresso or flat white (which is similar to a latte). Prepare to have your mind blown. You might just end up becoming extremely picky about your coffee choices when you return to Singapore.

5. But if you must insist on common Aussie foodfare, try these…

Vegemite: An Australian spread which contains yeast extract with vegetable additives. A common sandwich spread, this is every Aussie kid’s equivalent to peanut butter and jelly. It might be an acquired taste though (vegemite is salty and almost bitter – not what you would expect on your toast).

Tim Tam: Marketed as “Australia’s Favourite Cookie”, you might have seen this divine sandwich cookie in our local grocery stores. While Singapore lacks in its variety of offers, you’ll find the full range of delicious flavours in Australia. We recommend the original chocolate flavor, which is touted to be the best. Be sure to partake in the Tim Tam Slam, known to be an Australian coffee break ritual. You’ll thank us after.

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