Often times in relationships, we operate with an out of sight, out of mind mentality. We treat food and insurance the same way.

This logic was supported in the famous chicken wing study by Cornell University’s Wansink and Payne. 50 graduate students at a sports bar during the Super Bowl who saw how much they had already eaten with the dismantled chicken wings bones before them, ate a third less. The other group who had no such environmental cues ate more chicken wings than they thought they did.  

We all have made decisions that are surprising even to ourselves, including taking up insurance plans when being confronted with unexpected losses or difficult situations.

When it comes to shopping for your Health Insurance in a city where medical costs are on the rise, don’t simply reach out for what’s in front of you.

Ask the Right Questions; take 40 seconds to make an Educated Comparison on Health Insurance.


Eating one chicken wing takes more time than that.