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For the frequent traveller, nothing is more terrifying than waiting for your luggage in the airport carousel, uncertain of their fate. Worrying about luggage is a justified reaction because it becomes part of one’s persona as a traveller; it’s also a considerably substantial investment, especially when you consider how much they cost. Splurging on luggage, however, can be impractical if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Below are a few things to consider the next time you’re planning on purchasing luggage for your next trip. Keep them in mind so you can maximize your money and get the luggage that you actually need.

  • Size and weight

Master the art of packing so you can travel with a carry-on for trips of any length. Make sure you choose luggage that you can handle yourself, since there will be times that no one will be available to assist you. Before purchase, you should also try out the bag until you’re sure that you’re comfortable with it. Ideally, a travel suitcase should measure a maximum of 22” x 9” x 14” so you can fit it into the overhead compartment. If you’re travelling to Europe, take note that the international carry-on size is 18 – 20 inches because European airlines have strict rules. To avoid problems, check the luggage allowance of the airline you’ll be travelling with.

  • Safety

Travel insurance still is the best way to keep your luggage safe during travels, but choosing your luggage carefully also helps. First things first, though: Never put your valuables in checked luggage; that’s what carry-ons are for. Security features are important for both carry-ons and checked luggage, so look for ones that have secure locks or, at the very least, cable ties. Having your luggage shrink-wrapped at airport shrink wrap stations is also a great way to keep your belongings waterproof and will help deter people from slipping illegal items into your luggage. Don’t forget to add a waterproof tag or label to your luggage with your updated contact information — except your home address — so people will know how to return them in case they get lost. 

  • Durability

Buying travel luggage is for keeps so it’s wise to check the quality and durability of what you’re purchasing. ‘Good enough’ is never enough when it comes to travel luggage, especially when you find yourself rushing in an airport with a half-open suitcase hanging on a broken handle. The jury’s still out on whether hard-shell bags are more protective than soft-shell ones or not because each has its own merits. The former is great as checked luggage due to its relatively hard exterior and the latter is great as a carry-on because it’s easier to squeeze it into the overhead compartment. 

  • Features

Luggage colour may seem like an aesthetic consideration, but it can serve a practical purpose as well. Bright colours and unique patterns will make your luggage stand out and easier to find. Of course, wheels and telescoping handles are no-brainers for easy mobility. Also, look for a bag with a piggy back clip, that looped clip found on top of travel bags. This will allow you to clip a second, smaller bag onto the larger one so it’s useful if you’re carrying multiple bags.

  • Price

Travel luggage is not cheap so you should choose one that will be with you for years, especially if you’re a frequent traveller. A high price usually suggests better quality, but not always. Steer clear of designer luggage because they can be on the expensive side and are more a fashion statement than a sturdy travel companion. Instead, choose high-quality luggage that fits your lifestyle and travel needs.

The next time you purchase luggage, remember the list above so you’re sure to choose a bag that’s right for you and your budget. If you’re planning to travel anytime soon, GoBear can help you get free luggage for your trip. All you have to do is take advantage of the great deals below.

Free Luggage From Maybank

Exclusive to first-time applicants, applying for two new Maybank credit cards and CreditAble, your personal credit line, entitles you to a free 2-piece Delsey Belfort 70cm and 76cm 4-wheel trolley case set. After approval, all you have to do is incur a total minimum amount of S$600 using your credit cards or CreditAble within the first two months. Aside from the free luggage, you also get a 3-year annual fee waiver on your credit cards and all the benefits a Maybank credit card holder enjoys.

Apply today and start packing your brand new trolley case set courtesy of Maybank and Delsey!


Free Luggage From ANZ

As an online exclusive, ANZ is offering free 28-inch luggage to applicants of the ANZ Optimum World Mastercard Credit Card or ANZ Travel Visa Signature starting 1 October 2016. Either credit card also entitles you to a cash rebate of up to $168, plus a 5% cash rebate on travel, dining and leisure, shopping, or groceries. For maximum flexibility, ANZ gives cardholders the power to choose a different category every quarter if they wish to do so. For all other purchases, cardholders get a 1% cash rebate.

Apply today to get your free luggage and take advantage of excellent cash rebates!


Free Luggage from HSBC

HSBC is offering travellers a treat with online applications for their Visa Platinum or Revolution credit card. Together with a 2-year annual fee waiver, successful applicants also get a free Samsonite Black Label Richmond Spinner 75cm luggage and a S$20 cash rebate. HSBC credit card holders also enjoy rebates on dining, groceries, and petrol, plus the opportunity to reap the benefits of their exclusive rewards programme.

Apply today and travel in style with your free Samsonite luggage from HSBC!


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