March Escapade

March school holidays are approaching (Mar 12-20). Whether you’re planning for a family trip or simply packing the kids away at your parents’ place while you two make a quick getaway, we recommend and compare three places of escapism. 

Feast Your Eyes – Iceland


Photo by Ling Doh Kin

There’s so much pop culture surrounding the land of geyers, volcanoes and blue ice, music by Bjork, and Of Monsters and Men come to mind instantly. In Iceland, one of the most accessible and popular locations among travellers for the aurora is Reykjavik. March is still a good time to witness the beautiful Northern Lights. And if you were unable to catch them (yes, they are erratic), there’s plenty of film locations to hunt for.  Lately, scenic locations like The Black Beach from Netflix Original Sense8 captivates us and let’s not forget plenty of Game of Thrones locations too!

Train Your Legs – New Zealand


Photo by Ling Doh Kin

For those with an adventurous streak, pull up your rain jacket and boots, and get ready to trek across the beautiful parks and mountains in New Zealand. The Tongariro National Park at North island should be the first stop for any Lord of the Rings fans, as this is land of Mordor. On a good day with clear skies, here’s where you get to experience the grandiose of Mount Doom – Mt. Ngauruhoe. Although the weather may not be the most ideal at this time of the year but that also means fewer crowds, lower airfare and hotel rates – your pocket won’t hurt that much.

Nourish Your Mind – Denmark


Photo by Ling Doh Kin

The Danes were once the happiest people on earth in 2013, they ranked third last year. And we think you should get the full experience in a Copenhagen town of non-order – Christiania. A former military barracks occupied by a pack of hippies during the 1970s, this quaint neighbourhood has its own modus operandi that's independent of the Danish government and society. The creative vibe is everywhere and best of all, it’s open to public, except they don’t really welcome photography because of a pusher street section. But don’t let that stop you from visiting. There are awesome art galleries, large installations and murals, music venues and organic restaurants not to be missed.

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All photos taken by travel blogger Ling Doh Kin of the