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Good news for Singapore Airlines enthusiasts. The co-branded cards of SQ and American Express have just gotten a massive upgrade in their benefits. Going from 1 mile per $1.6 spent, to 1.1 miles per dollar spent for the “New” KrisFlyer American Express. The Krisflyer Ascend even earns 1.2 miles per dollar spent now, on par with the Citi Premier Miles Visa Credit Card.

The Krisflyer Gold card has its “gold” tag stripped off but there are improvements under the hood. Though not quite on par with the likes of UOB PRIVI or ANZ Travel that have 1.4 miles per dollar spent locally, it does boast some other benefits that you will definitely like, such as Travel insurance coverage of up to $350,000. 

The coverage you get with this policy may be limited but you can also opt for a discounted annual plan to complement this single trip insurance at only $188. The Krisflyer card also comes with complete Fraud Protection Guarantee, protecting you from any unauthorised charges on your card when you shop online and offline.

For Singaporeans and PR’s, earning an annual salary of $30,000 makes you eligible to apply for the American Express Krisflyer. The miles that you earn automatically become KrisFlyer miles and does not require any conversion, which would save you a conversion fee of between $20 and $50 dollar.


“Old” Krisflyer Gold card

“New” Krisflyer Card

What has changed?

Annual Fee

$118 (1st year waived)

$176.55 (1st year waived)

Increase in Annual fee

Miles per dollar locally

$1.60 = 1 Mile

(0.625 Per $1 spent)

$1 = 1.1 Mile

Better deal on local spending (75% increase)

Miles per dollar overseas

No higher spend overseas

$1 = 2 Miles

(Only from June-December in 2016)

Better deal on overseas spending

Supplementary Card

Annual fees of 2 Supplementary cards permanently waived


No waiver for supplementary cards

BONUS Earnings

  1. 5000 Miles on first charge to your Card
  2. Earn 50% extra milesif you charge more than $5000 in a calendar year
  3. Earn another 50% extra miles when charging $12,000 per year
  1. 5000 Miles on first charge to your Card
  2. 3000 Miles when you charge $750 within the first 6 months
  3. $150 cashback when you charge more than $12,000 per year

Pros: Easier to earn bonus miles with less spend

Cons: Less opportunity to earn bonus miles


At 1.1 Miles per dollar spent locally, it can now compete with all other cards that require an annual income bracket of $50,000. Other comparable cards that earns you a 1 mile per dollar spent locally includes the OCBC Titanium but it requires a minimum spend of $1500 per month to qualify for this higher tier of miles earning. The DBS Altitude does boast 1.2 miles per dollar spent locally but has a subscription fee of $42.80 per year in order to convert your DBS Points into KrisFlyer Miles.

Since the inception of our rewards-based comparison option, we at GoBear have noticed a few banks upgrading their card earnings/rewards programmes for their consumers (whether by sheer coincidence or otherwise). For example, the CIMB Visa Signature now gives up to a 10% cashback on all dining spend compared to 3.8% before. American Express has also followed suit and we can expect other banks to jump on the bandwagon. Is your current card still earning you the best miles based on your monthly spending? Use the Gobear Credit Card Comparison tool to find out!