Getting a new car? Is the term of your previous policy expiring soon? Or, are you simply unsatisfied with your current auto insurance provider? Then, maybe it’s time to start shopping for a new policy.

The first step of getting new car insurance is to get a preliminary quote on your new plan. Fortunately, in Singapore, car insurance quotes can be obtained online quickly and without much hassle. 

So as to help you find the auto insurance that best fits your needs, let’s answer some basic questions on how to get your car insurance quote online in Singapore.

First of all, what is a quote? 

An insurance quote is a preliminary estimate of the rate that you’ll be paying for your motor insurance policy. The two main methods of obtaining said quote is either through a car insurance agent, or through an insurer’s online website.

Take note that a quote isn’t necessarily how much you’ll be paying as a premium, but rather a quick overview of how much you might be paying given the information you’ve put forth for the quote.

After processing all your information and checking your driving and insurance history, you should get your actual premium rate.

What sort of information do I need to get an online car insurance quote in Singapore?

Quote requirements regarding information are usually very similar from one motor insurance provider to the next. Usually insurers expect you to disclose the following information:

Car details:

Such as

  • Make and model of the vehicle
  • Number and year of registration
  • Whether your car is registered as an off-peak vehicle.
  • Additional information required regarding your vehicle might be whether you drive your vehicle to work, or if you actually use the vehicle in your line of work.
  • Any car modification should also be disclosed.

Driver’s details:

Who you plan on allowing to drive your vehicle, along with his or her personal information regarding

  • Marital status and occupation
  • Gender, age and date of birth
  • Years of experience driving
  • Along with information regarding the drivers’ previous traffic track record and insurance background, and whether this entitles him to a Certificate of Merit

Car owner’s details:

Such as

  • If the car owner and driver are one and the same
  • Postal code
  • Resident status and NRIC/FIN of the car owner
  • Whether the car owner was entitled to a No Claims Discount

Where can I get an online car insurance quote in Singapore?

Car insurance quotes are easily obtainable freely through insurer websites, all you have to do is choose your preferred insurance company, visit their webpage and fill out an online form to get an instant quote; however, if you’re looking for a way to easily put quotes from different providers side by side, GoBear’s online smartsearch calculator is probably your best bet at finding what you need. 

With our tool, you can get preliminary quotes from different car insurance providers and easily compare their prices and benefits. After comparing and choosing your desired plan, we’ll link you directly to the insurance company’s webpage so you can get your final quote directly from them.

Some tips to keep in mind 

  • Be completely honest about your information when applying for insurance. Stretching the truth can easily bar you from getting the coverage you want, or even render it useless when you most need it.
  • Be wary of car mods. Those new custom made rims might look amazing, but they might also cost you a pretty penny in car insurance. Stick to only LTA approved modifications, or even better, none at all if you want to avoid unnecessarily high quotes.