Buying travel insurance online for the very first time can seem like daunting task to those of us who have never done it before, sometimes to avoid the extra work we might feel the need to go ask a broker or travel agent for help; however, online travel insurance shopping shouldn’t be made more complicated than it actually is. On the contrary, picking out your favorite travel insurance online can be as quick and easy as any other part of the booking process.

To make this step as simple as possible, let’s have a look at why, how and what you need to buy travel insurance online in Singapore.

Why should I buy travel insurance online? 

Aside from the convenience of doing it in the comfort of your home, there are two main reasons why you should consider buying it online.

First of all, by buying it online you’ll have access to a wide range of promotions and deals that aren’t normally made available by any other means. This is due to insurance companies saving on expenses by selling it to you directly through their website and redirecting those savings into better deals and discounts. By buying it directly you’re also skipping out on the broker fees, which can save you up to a whopping 40%. Additionally, insurance companies can pair up with credit card providers to offer special deals to travelers who buy online insurance with a specific method of payment.

The second reason for buying it online comes down to how easy it is to put insurers and plans side-by-side to make comparisons. Nowadays, online tools, such as our very own online search engine here at GoBear, can help you make sure that you’re getting the best insurance suited to your trip.

How should I go about buying travel insurance online?

To make sure that the process goes as smoothly as possible, here are some steps you should keep in mind when buying travel insurance online in Singapore:

1. Have a look at the exclusions:

Whether you’re planning on buying coverage before, after or during the booking process, you should consider taking note of what each policy excludes from their coverage before buying your ticket. The last thing you want is for you to pay for a trip, just so you can later find out that the country you’re planning on going to is barred from being covered. And with exclusion lists for each insurer readily available at their websites, this really shouldn’t be an issue.

2. Choose your type of coverage and price range:

The next step would be for you to choose whether you want an annual or single trip plan, and whether you want a solo insurance plan, group insurance, or family insurance. Also, choose the amount of coverage you think would be enough for each possible event and how much you would be willing to pay in total.

This way you can pinpoint exactly what type of insurance you want, and then easily make a list of candidates with an online tool, such as the one provided here at GoBear.

3. Pick your preferred plan 

Now that you have a list of candidates, your next step should be picking the insurance that best fits what you had in mind. 

4. Fill out the online form

Whether you’re buying it directly from the insurer’s website or through an online broker, you’ll have to fill in an online form with your information, the information of the other travelers, some information about your trip, as well as your payment details. Most insurer websites will guide you through the process.

Before typing in your payment details, make sure the website has the adequate security to allow for safe online purchases. A good idea would be to verify the website’s SSL certificate, usually represented by a padlock symbol located either on the top left or bottom right of your web browser.

5. Wait for the confirmation email

After you’re done buying the insurance, you’ll have to wait for a confirmation email or SMS. The email should usually come with your terms and conditions, number of the policy, emergency contact information, along with any other document backing your coverage. 

You’ll probably want to print these out and keep them with you during your travels, especially the insurer’s contact information, since, in the event of an emergency, they’ll be the first ones you’ll want to notify.

If you haven’t received the email, consider contacting the insurance company with your information at hand.

What do I need to buy travel insurance online in Singapore?

The requirements for the purchase are typically straightforward and should usually include:

  • Personal information of each of the travelers, such as dates of birth and NRIC.
  • Contact details such as a phone number, mobile number, home address and email.
  • Trip details such as the region you plan on going to (ASEAN, Asia or Worldwide), the country you’ll be spending most of your time in, and the departure and return dates.
  • Information about any pre-existing medical conditions.
  • Contact and personal details of the beneficiaries, for personal accident coverage.
  • A means of payment, such as a credit or debit card, or even cash or check if the insurer allows it.