“What does that mean?” Isn't that refrain all too familiar when searching for a Health Insurance plan?

Help is HERE!! Below is a list of common health insurance terms to help us all understand more about what it’s all about.


1. Inpatient

Such coverage pays for your medical expenses during hospital stay including hospital room, surgery, medicines and diagnostic tests.

2. Outpatient

This refers to medical treatment outside the hospital or treatments that do not require an overnight stay eg. GP, specialist or therapist visits.

3. Maternity 

This typically covers the cost during routine pregnancy and childbirth. Health Insurers can also provide cover for newborn care, complications and check-ups with the obstetrician for pre- and post-natal check-ups.

4. Deductible 

Also known as excess. This is the amount of money you pay to cover eligible medical expenses before your insurance policy starts paying.

5. Evacuation & Repatriation 

When you need medical treatment and the local hospital is not able to address your condition, the (emergency) evacuation benefit on your plan will pay for your transport cost to the nearest medical facility where you can receive the medical treatment you require.
The repatriation benefit means that you will be taken home when you are not in your country of residence.

6. Wellbeing

This includes routine check-ups such as annual check-ups, papsmear or mammogram. 

7. Waiting Period 

This is the duration whereby the insurer does not pay any medical cost incurred. 

8. Out of Pocket Costs 

These costs aren’t covered by your health plan such as deductibles, coinsurance and copayments.

9. Coinsurance 

This refers to the amount you pay to share the cost of covered services after your deductible has been paid.

10. Co payments

Payment of a flat fee for certain medical expenses, while your insurance company pays the rest. 

11. Out-of-pocket Maximum/Limit

This is the maximum amount you pay for covered services in a year. 

12. Allowed Maximum Benefit

The maximum amount a health insurer will pay per year. 

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