Win a pair of Halloween Horror Nights tickets!

Win a pair of Halloween Horror Night tickets when you sign up for a new credit card!

Get ready to go on a spooky adventure this Halloween at Universal Studios Singapore (USS) as we're giving away 100 exclusive pairs of PEAK tickets to Halloween Horror Nights (HHN) 2019!

That's right, we've secured tickets to the annual sold-out event at USS, and we'll be giving 100 pairs away in our credit card promotion. From now till 30 September 2019, all you need to do is to sign up and be approved for the following credit cards, and you might be amongst 100 lucky winners to walk away with a pair of tickets each.

Will you be zipping through the darkness on the Cylon VS Human rides? Will you be exploring the tombs of the Mummies? Or will you be wandering around the Twisted Clown University and the Curse of the Naga haunted houses? Follow the steps closely if you'd like to win those tickets to HHN 2019.

Win a pair of tickets
to Halloween Horror Nights!

Step-by-step guide to win a pair of flight tickets: 

Win a pair of tickets to Halloween Horror Nights!

Be sure to follow the steps closely to participate in our HHN 2019 contest. So, take your time to go through the guide thoroughly to ensure that you've completed all the necessary steps to be enrolled in our lucky draw.

Step 1: Choose from one of the following credit cards

Choose a credit card

We've rounded up some of the best cashback credit cards in the market for this promotion; simply choose a credit card that best suits your needs. And if you already have a credit card, fret not, you're free to apply for another one!

Step 2: Select the card

Click the SELECT button and begin the application. Make sure the card you've selected is highlighted. After that, click the NEXT button to go to the next step.

Select a credit card

Step 3: Click GO TO BANK and start your credit card application 

Do not close the GoBear browser while doing this! You will be returning to this form to complete your application for the Halloween Horror Nights Giveaway. 

Go to bank

Once you have completed the application on the bank's site, take a screenshot of the credit card submission acknowledgement screen.

Take note that you'll need to take the full screen, not just part of it. Here are some examples: 

Credit Card Applications Across Banks

Step 4: For all applicants, upload a screenshot of the credit card submission acknowledgement from the bank

Return to the GoBear browser and upload this screenshot to continue your application for the Halloween Horror Nights Giveaway. Do not close your bank's browser while doing this!

Go to bank

  • For Citibank applicants, copy and paste the URL of the submission screen and insert it into the field provided.
  • For AMEX, DBS, POSB, SCB, and Maybank applicants insert the Application ID into the field provided. 
  • For HSBC applicants no further details are required. 

Examples are given in the form. 

This step is crucial as it verifies that the application was done through the GoBear site. 

Step 5: Fill up your details

Let us how we should contact you.

Fill Up Contact Details

Step 6: Check your inbox for an email from GoBear

If you do not find anything in your inbox, make sure you check your junk mail and flag this mail for future reference. 

Thanks for applying!

Step 7: Upload your credit card approval letter 

Once you have received the hardcopy credit card approval letter from the bank, take a picture of the letter with your name and the card clearly visible. Please black out any other details that you deem sensitive.

Please note that no approval emails or SMS will be accepted as proof of approval. You have to provide a picture of the actual letter.

Upload this picture by clicking on the UPLOAD HERE button in the email sent by GoBear.

Make sure you complete this step by 11 October 2019. Submissions of credit card approval letters will not be accepted beyond this date. Check out the Terms & Conditions for other requirements.

Upload our details

If you've completed all the necessary steps, you're all set! You've earned yourself a chance to win one of the 100 pairs of HHN 2019 tickets (worth $140 per pair).

Take note that we'll be giving tickets to HHN 2019 that are valid on 26 October 2019, which are the hottest tickets for the Halloween weekend! Now cross your fingers, toes, legs, and arms and hope that lady luck is on your side!

A quick reminder, you have until 30 September 2019 to apply for the selected credit cards and submit the documents for verification by 11 October 2019 to qualify for the lucky draw! 

Win a pair of tickets
to Halloween Horror Nights!


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