Celebrity Homes in Singapore

Celebrity Homes in Singapore

It’s no secret that the population on Singapore has swelled due to its high standards of living, economic progress and impeccable low crime record. However, did you know that along with businessmen and job seekers from abroad, a number of famous personalities have flocked to this little island to set up their home? We take a peek at some of the celebrity homes in Singapore.

1. Jackie Chan

The internationally acclaimed actor, director, producer, stuntman, martial artist and singer has had a well-documented love affair with Singapore property. Becoming a permanent resident in 1998, Jackie Chan owns several properties in Singapore. Aside from investing in buildings for their cultural and historical value such as the Jinriksha Station at Neil Road, he purchased apartments at Centennia Suites in 2010, after disposing of a home at Grangeford Apartments. Rumour has it that he now owns a unit at the Orchard Residences, a property above the Ion Orchard Mall.

All three homes are located in the central area, close to the shopping street in Singapore. Grangeford Apartments being located at Leonie Hill, Centennia Suites along River Valley Road and the Orchard Residences at Orchard Road itself are all centrally located in the most prestigious areas of Singapore.

His current Singapore home, set above the popular Ion Orchard, is a familiar model in Hong Kong, with an integrated retail component and subway station below it. It sports full facilities on the roof of the mall, with facilities for tennis, a landscaped pool and even a luxurious pool house. The interiors of each apartment also live up to its luxury status. Designer fitting, fixtures and furniture from Italy are used throughout, and the kitchen is designed by German brand Poggenpohl, a well-respected kitchen brand with 120 years of heritage. There is even a sub-zero wine cooler that comes as a standard.

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2. Eduardo Saverin

The co-founder of Facebook reportedly moved to Singapore in 2012 after renouncing American citizenship. A fan of the city’s nightlife, Eduardo calls a 5,000 square foot penthouse unit at the plush Ion Orchard Mall, his home.

3. Jet Li

A little more open with his address, Jet Li, resides in the quiet up-class neighbourhood of Binjai Park at Bukit Timah. Jet purchased his home in 2009 for S$20 million when he became a Singapore citizen. The estate sits on 22,723 square feet of land and was formerly owned by retailer FJ Benjamin.

The property is built on a slope with long driveway from entrance to garage. The three-story building has two large terraces on each level in front of the house, in addition to the front lawn. The inside is reportedly just as impressive, with a grand staircase dominating the foyer. 

4. JJ Lin

A little more accessible, our homegrown artists also have a predilection for homes in the prestigious locales. Following the footsteps of Jackie Chan and singer/songwriter Wakin Chau, Singapore-born singer JJ Lin purchased a condominium at Twin Peaks – a luxury project located along Leonie Hill Road. Lin’s unit, however, is modest in size, at only 571 square feet, undoubtedly a consideration since he is currently based in Taiwan.

5. Jade Seah

Actress, model and DJ Jade Seah, is a true blue local girl. Putting up in a vintage styled shop house in Tanjong Katong, her abode is decidedly retro-inspired. With a high ceiling, a loft style space was created to accommodate a very open bedroom. Taking a leaf out of many interior designers’ nu-vintage playbook, the attic level was removed to display the wooden roofing beams to create a rustic barnyard look. Adhering to this theme are the large cabinets with sliding doors in which Jade and her fiancee store their shoes and clothes. Wood is a dominant material used in this apartment, with its rough textures and warm colours imparting an intimate feel to the space. (http://www.homeanddecor.com.sg/articles/80179-stylish-homes-4-celebrities-singapore) 

Although still far away from the number of resident celebrities compared to cities like Los Angeles and Hong Kong, Singapore does have its fair share of luminaries, and where the celebrities choose to sink their roots, it is almost certain to be the most fancy treehouse in the neighbourhood.

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