The health scheme is still equally capable of taking care of your elderly needs
Apr 15, 2019
by GoBear team
Make sure you are covered when you are out of action due to illness or sudden loss of income
Mar 11, 2019
by Ryan Ong
Planning for a baby & understanding how an insurance policy will cover you during this time is critical.
Mar 05, 2019
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Overheard: Rash, medicines and credit cards 
Feb 05, 2019
by GoBear team
At the recent thanksgiving dinner at my parent’s, a guest enquired how I’m 'managing’ life in my 40s.
Feb 04, 2019
by GoBear team
Besides the starting age, you'll also be paying a higher premium compared to the Eldershield
Nov 19, 2018
by Seow Tein Hee
The answers to your burning questions about co-paying for your medical bills
Oct 03, 2018
by Seow Tein Hee
Expatriates who relocate to Singapore are often concerned about the high medical costs in Singapore.
Sep 28, 2018
by GoBear team