You've might have heard of The Entertainer, a deals app that dishes out insane savings with its 1-for-1 offers when you dine at selected restaurants. After all, you are practically getting a 50% discount on the food you consume.

Unlocking the app, however, doesn't come cheap. The in-app purchase price has steadily risen to $95 this year. Periodically, you get a discount during festive seasons, such as the Chinese New Year promotion which reduced the cost to $50.

What if we told you that you can get it for even cheaper? For a mere $5, you can unlock the app to access 1-for-1 deals from over 1,000 merchants.

Think about it - with one meal, you don't just break even, you've already started saving. Whereas the festive discount or the full price would take you at least two meals to see the savings kicking in.

HSBC Entertainer

Sharing is caring, so here's the trick to doing it - you can redeem this promotion via the HSBC Singapore app and pay with a HSBC credit card. 

Don't have a HSBC card? It's okay, you can check out this nifty comparison of HSBC credit cards for you to choose from. Okay, Bear's feeling generous too. Our Sure Win with Bear promo also gives you a guaranteed prize if your application for the HSBC Advance credit card is approved. Prizes, you ask? Well, there's shopping vouchers worth up to $500 waiting to be won.

So how do I get this offer?

Assuming you have a HSBC credit card, launch the app and enter your user details and password.

Next, go to the offer tab, tap the "Incredible deals here" tab.

Enter your HSBC credit card details to unlock the Entertainer's full feature for $5.

Do note that this promotion is exclusive to HSBC, so you'll need to redeem the Entertainer coupons via the HSBC Singapore app.


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