NTUC Income (“NTUC”) is a household name in Singapore. NTUC Income's car insurance product, named Drivo Car Insurance, is a well-known one.

What are the features that NTUC Income car insurance offers? Are they good? Let's find out.

Overview of NTUC Income car insurance plans

NTUC Income is known for its comprehensive car insurance plans: Drivo Classic,  Drivo Premium and Drivo Prestige.

NTUC Income's car insurance also offers Third Party Only (TPO) as well as Third Party Only, Fire & Theft (TPFT) policies. For NTUC Income's TPO plans, it only covers damage to third party property (up to S$5,000,000) and death or injury to third party (unlimited). For NTUC Income's TPFT plans, there is coverage for loss or damage by fire and theft.

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Features of NTUC Income's comprehensive car insurance plans

  • Loss or damage to your vehicle from accidental causes (up to market value at the time of loss or damage)
  • Loss or damage by fire or theft (up to market value at the time of loss or damage)
  • Damage to third party property (up to $5,000,000)
  • Death or injury to third party (unlimited)
  • Medical expenses (up to $1,000)
  • Personal accident benefits (up to $50,000)
  • Towing service (up to $500)
  • Unlimited windscreen cover (excess for $100 or otherwise specified for every claim – Prestige excess differs)
  • Policy Excess: $600 or otherwise specified applies for each and every accident claim
  • Orange Force’s 24/7 roadside assistance
  • Coverage extends to West Malaysia and part of Thailand within 80 km from the border of West Malaysia.

NTUC Income Drivo Classic plan: A comprehensive car insurance plan that covers third party damages, and car loss or damage like fire, flood and theft, as well as other benefits as listed above. However, repairs must only be done at NTUC Income’s authorised workshops.

NTUC Income Drivo Premium plan: Offers all the features of Classic, but in addition, there is no restriction on workshops that you can repair at.

NTUC Income Drivo Prestige plan: Enhanced coverage for high performance cars – this plan is specially tailored for Porsche models – Panamera, Cayenne, Cayman, Boxster and 911.

NTUC car insurance add-ons

You can extend your NTUC car insurance by purchasing optional add-ons, such as the below:

Extension rider: Provides extra coverage types and limits for the policyholder and/or authorised driver and/or passengers whilst driving in West Malaysia part of Thailand within 80 km from the border of West Malaysia.

NCD Protector: You can purchase optional benefits to extend your coverage of your NTUC car insurance plan. This can be purchased if your NCD is at least 30%. You don't have to purchase this if your NCD is already 50% with NTUC for the last two consecutive years as you get automatic free NCD protection when renewing your NTUC Income plan.

Daily transport allowance cover: Purchasing this optional cover will ensure a daily payout of $50 from the first day of the repair for up to 7 days, for each of your first two claims.

Excess waiver: The cover is applicable to Drivo Premium and Drivo Classic plans. This add-on waives the basic policy excess of $600 when you claim under your motor policy. This add-on is not applicable to plans with basic policy excess more than $600.

How to get cheaper NTUC Car insurance: Promotions and benefits

NTUC car insurance occasionally runs promotions such as free vouchers. You may check the official NTUC car insurance page to check the latest ones.

You can also drive safely and accumulate your No-Claim Discount (NCD) year by year. The first year without claims entitles you to 10% and this adds on by 10% for every year.

NTUC also offers FlexiMileage, a benefit that allows low usage drivers to get discounts on premiums. You can register online for FlexiMileage and go down to their Motor Service Centre and install a Telematics device, which allows the insurer to verify the annual mileage travelled. If your mileage is below 5,000 km a year, you get 35% discount off premiums. If you only drive between 5,000 km to 9,000 km, you get 20% off yearly premiums.

There is also the Drive Master feature, where there is additional premium savings with your existing No Claim Discount of up to 50%. This will be on top of any applicable No-claim discount (NCD) and loyalty discount at the point of policy renewal. The policyholder downloads a Drive Master app, which records driving behaviour in the past 2 months (at least 1,000 km) before the next policy renewal date. A good score can get the policyholder an additional discount of up to 25%.

For long time policyholders, there is also a 5% loyalty discount for policyholders who have been with NTUC Income for more than 3 years.

Should you choose NTUC Income car insurance?

As NTUC car insurance is a reputable car insurance provider, it definitely ranks high in terms of reliability. It also has a very responsive Orange Force that its customers love, according to the reviews on its website.

However, its premiums may not always be affordable or adjustable. You may wish to search for more flexible plans with adjustable premiums that suit your needs - visit GoBear's car insurance portal to see how we can help you.

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