Ever heard of Tiq by Etiqa Insurance? It’s a digital channel of the award-winning digital insurer, Etiqa, which it is actually the insurance arm under Maybank. car insurance premiums from Tiq by Etiqa are even more affordable with promotions.

One of Tiq by Etiqa’s key selling points is its fast claims approval, which you can complete in 30 minutes. The web interface is really easy to use and navigate as well.

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Tiq by Etiqa car insurance plans review

Tiq by Etiqa’s Private Car Insurance doesn’t come with fancy naming, so it is easy to understand. There are only 3 plans: Third Party Only (TPO), Third Party, Fire Theft (TPFT), and Comprehensive.

As the name implies, TPO and TPFT plans primarily cover third party damage only, just that TPFT also includes Fire and Theft.

Comprehensive car insurance plans include car repairs at 26 authorised workshops, transport allowance when the car is under repair, and medical expenses. With a comprehensive plan purchased, there are options to add on other features like 24-hour road side assistance, loss of use benefit, dental and medical benefits and more with the Etiqa Package add-on. Terms apply.

How to buy Tiq by Etiqa car insurance online?

Buying Private Car Insurance from Tiq by Etiqa is easy enough. Simply go on to Tiq by Etiqa’s official website and input your personal details, such as whether you are married or single, female or male, birthdate, as well as your car model details.

Another way is head over to Gobear and compare Tiq by Etiqa's car insurance with that of other insurers. Then you can easily see the pricing of the types of plans laid out for you. It’s as easy as online shopping!

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Tiq by Etiqa car insurance add-ons

To level up on car insurance coverage, you can also purchase Tiq by Etiqa car insurance add-ons:

  • Adjustable Excess: Choose the excess amount based on your needs and budget 

  • No-Claim Discount (NCD) Protector: Protect your NCD when renewing with Etiqa

  • Sun/Moon Roof Cover: Get covered up to $2,000 for your car’s sun/moon roof 

  • Workshop of your choice: Enjoy the freedom to choose the preferred workshop for repairs 

  • Solar Film Cover: Receive damage coverage of up to $1,000 for your solar film.

  • Gap Cover: Receive up to S$80,000 for the difference between your outstanding car loan and the market value in the event of total loss of your car.

  • Etiqa Package:Enjoy great protection and convenience with Etiqa’s recommended essential benefits for daily drivers which includes:

  • Protection and Removal After Damage or Loss (Enhanced)
  • Loss of Use Benefit
  • Medical & Dental Expenses
  • Enhanced Personal Accident Benefits
  • Loss of Personal Effects
  • 24-hour Roadside Assistance

Get cheaper premiums - Etiqa car insurance discounts

Tiq by Etiqa’s car insurance is already pretty affordable but there are means and ways to make your policy premium even more affordable.

First of all, you should definitely drive safely, so that you get 10% NCD for every year you don’t file a claim, up to 50%.

Tiq by Etiqa also offers a Demerit Free Discount of 5%. You get it if you have been demerit-free in the past three years and minimum NCD of 30%. Note that you need to present the Traffic Police Certificate of Merit to be eligible for it.

Additionally, buying insurance—not just car insurance—on a Friday is cheaper as Etiqa has Thank Etiqa It’s Friday (TEIF) promotions, offering up to 24% for car insurance.

Excess is the amount you have to pay upfront before being able to claim from your insurer. You can also adjust the excess to get cheaper premiums. If you are willing to pay a higher excess amount, the cheaper your policy premiums.

Should you choose Tiq by Etiqa car insurance?

The key selling points of Tiq by Etiqa’s car insurance are that it is affordable and easy to buy and claim, even though it lacks a bit of brand presence.

For more information, be sure to check out Tiq by Etiqa Car Insurance and also our Guide to Car Insurance.

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