ERGO is the primary insurance arm of Munich Re and a relatively new insurance provider in Singapore that entered into the market in 2014 through its acquisition of local Property & Casualty insurer SHC Insurance.

ERGO also offers third party car insurance as well as comprehensive motor insurance coverage. Notably, all plans offer 24-hour emergency assistance during accidents.

How does ERGO car insurance fare? Let’s look into the plans.

Overview of ERGO car insurance plans

ERGO motor insurance offers three types of cover: Third Party Cover, Third Party Fire & Theft Cover and Comprehensive Cover. Regardless of type, all of them include 24-hour Mobile Accident Response Service (MARS).

ERGO car insurance (Third Party Cover)

Ergo’s Third Party insurance covers third party damage and injury, as well as legal liability of passengers for acts of negligence.

ERGO car insurance (Third Party Fire & Theft Cover)

Ergo Third Party Fire & Theft is a third-party car insurance, but there is additional coverage for fire and theft, up to market value at the time of loss.

ERGO car insurance (Comprehensive Cover)

The following limits are for the lowest level of coverage - Essential

As for ERGO comprehensive car insurance plans, they also provide coverage for the authorised driver and passengers. There is personal accident coverage, up to $20,000; and up to $300 per person for medical expenses incurred.

In the event of a car accident, there will be reimbursement of accident-related towing expenses, up to $300, as well as compensation for windscreen damage, subjected to an excess which may be waived if fixed at a selected vendor.

The policy covers the Republic of Singapore, West Malaysia and part of Thailand within 80km of the border between Thailand and West Malaysia.

To get a quote for car insurance from ERGO, email There is currently no online quotation.

ERGO car insurance add-ons

Like with all other motor insurance plans, all insured drivers are entitled to no-claim discount (NCD) every year that the driver is accident-free. The first year entitles the driver to 10%, the second consecutive year to 20%, and so on, until a cap of 50%.

But this discount can be reduced when the driver meets with an accident. Buying an NCD protector add-on an "protect" your no-claim discount up to 1 claim. You can also opt for the ERGO NCD Enhancer to get an additional 5% discount if your existing and renewal NCDs are both 50%.

ERGO car insurance promo code

There are currently no promotions or promo codes listed on ERGO’s official website.

Should you buy ERGO car insurance?

In order to decide if you should go with ERGO car insurance, you should get quotes and compare with what's on the market.

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