DirectAsia car insurance has emerged as one of the more popular brands in Singapore because it offers one of the cheapest car insurance policies in Singapore. Currently, there are also some attractive DirectAsia car insurance promotions that offer freebies when you sign up.

Aside from the freebies, one of DirectAsia's unique selling point is the “NCD60” discount. Let’s review DirectAsia car insurance's features:

DirectAsia car insurance plans

DirectAsia’s car insurance plans are customisable according to what you need.

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Type of coverage

First, drivers need to select the type of coverage they require. There are four cover types: Third Party Only, Third Party Fire & Theft, Comprehensive.

Third Party Only (TPO) coverage is for the budget-conscious drivers. It covers injury to others in an accident, damage to someone’s property in a car accident and the legal costs and expenses that follow a car accident. Third Party Fire & Theft (TPFT) offers slightly higher coverage to cover damage to the car by fire and if the car is stolen.

If you have recently bought a new / relatively new car, or one from a premium brand, opting for Comprehensive (COMP) car insurance may be more appropriate. You should also get it if you want to protect your savings in the event of a car accident.

There is another car insurance plan — SOS Car Insurance — which is aimed at drivers who have had 2 or more at-fault accidents, or have had their application for car insurance refused. There is only one driver plan and one cover type for this.

DirectAsia car insurance policies offer Lifetime Repair Guarantee at approved workshops (except for TPO cover) for your insured vehicle. You can also pay an optional fee to get the “My Workshop” add on to repair at any preferred workshop of your choice - Lifetime Repair Guarantee does not apply.

Number of drivers to cover

Then, drivers can choose the driver plan, depending on the number of drivers you want to cover. The more the number of drivers covered, the more expensive the plan.

  • Value: Main driver, and 4 additional named drivers with a maximum of two young or inexperienced drivers
  • Value Plus: Main driver, any authorised driver who is not a young and/or inexperienced driver, and a maximum of two named young or inexperienced drivers
  • Flexible: Any authorised driver

So, you can customise to your needs. If your car is only shared among you and your spouse, you may find that Value is sufficient. If you occasionally lend your car to friends (who are not young and/or inexperienced drivers), you can go for Value Plus.

But say, if you own a car that may be driven by several young and/or inexperienced drivers such as your children, Flexible may be the most appropriate.

The above does not apply to SOS Car Insurance where there is only one driver plan covering the main driver and up to 2 named drivers.

DirectAsia NCD60

DirectAsia may be the only car insurer to introduce NCD60. Car insurance providers in Singapore usually provide no-claim discounts that increase with every year that goes by without any car accidents, usually 10% per year cumulative with a cap of 50%.

But DirectAsia goes one step further. Drivers who have held NCD50 status for at least the last 5 years are eligible for an additional 10% discount, which means a total of 60% discount off premiums. Minimally, therefore, you would need a 10-year clean driving record (5 years to accumulate to NCD50, and 5 years holding the NCD status) to qualify.

This NCD60 benefit applies to all customers, regardless of existing or new ones, except for SOS Car Insurance.

DirectAsia car insurance add-ons

DirectAsia also allows you to pay for what you need by having a long list of add-ons, including whether or not you can repair your vehicle at your preferred workshop. Some basic ones are NCD Protector Plus and 24-hour breakdown assistance.

The choice to get compensated no matter which workshop your car goes to is usually offered in higher-tier plans for other insurers. But DirectAsia puts this as an option, so you can add on only if you need.

You can also add on coverage that provides for medical expenses up to $3,000 per person (driver and passengers). There’s also overseas repatriation costs, which is useful if you take frequent road trips beyond Singapore’s border.

The full list of Direct Asia car insurance add-ons can be found on the official DirectAsia’s optional benefits page.

DirectAsia promo codes

There aren’t promo codes listed on the official website at the moment, but there are a number of Direct Asia car insurance promotions going on.

For new customers

  • Get $100 (COMP) or $50 (TPFT, TPO) worth of Shell fuel and 24-hour Breakdown Assistance (COMP only)
  • Those driving cars aged 10 to 12 years and buying another or extending COE: $80 shopping or petrol vouchers when you purchase a new Comprehensive Car Insurance Plan, or $40 shopping or petrol vouchers when you get a new Third Party policy

For existing customers

  • Get $30 (COMP) or $20 (TPFT, TPO) worth of Shell fuel and 24-hour Breakdown Assistance (COMP only)
  • Get an extra 10% for the second vehicle onwards
  • Refer a Friend Programme: Both referrer and referee will receive $25 reward each

How to get cheaper car insurance premiums with DirectAsia?

The benefit of insuring with DirectAsia is the flexibility to customise coverage to what you really need. Even for comprehensive cover (except SOS Car Insurance), you can always opt to limit the number of drivers covered, rather than pay for the most expensive driver plan that covers all authorised drivers.

Obviously, drive safely to secure 10% to 50% of no-claim discount. If you can reach NCD50 and maintain it for 5 consecutive years, you get up to 60% off your premiums.

If you have a permanent front-facing in-car camera installed, you are also entitled to a discount of up to 4%.

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Should you get DirectAsia car insurance?

If you’re trying to get a cheap car insurance plan, DirectAsia’s plans are some of the cheapest around. This is because you can pay for what you need. But, they are not the only ones who offer various add-ons to allow you to customise.

Perhaps, the unique selling point of DirectAsia's car insurance policies, aside from affordable premiums, is NCD60. But remember, you need at least a 10-year clean record of driving without a claim to be eligible.

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