When it comes to car insurance, AXA car insurance is one of the leading brand names. One reason for that could be that they have many different comprehensive plans to choose from.

Let’s review them and see if they are suitable for you. 

Overview of AXA car insurance plans

AXA car insurance has a total of 7 comprehensive car insurance plans. The most basic is SmartDrive Essential, which offers the most basic coverage. The most comprehensive coverage of all is SmartDrive Flexi Family.

As they are all comprehensive plans, they cover loss or damage due to insured risks, legal liability for any third party injury or property damage, as well as fire and theft coverage. Plans also offer up to $500 coverage for cost of 24/7 towing to the workshop or place of safety.

AXA car insurance plan Unique features
SmartDrive Essential AXA authorised workshops only
SmartDrive Essential+ AXA authorised workshops only, but 110% of the car’s market value is insured. Transport allowance will be given if car is under repair
SmartDrive Peace  AXA authorised workshops only, but higher flood protection and loss of personal items covered* (refer to policy wording for actual definition)
SmartDrive For Her AXA authorised workshops and only plan with phone assistance, roadside support and transport allowance
SmartDrive Flexi No restrictions on workshops
SmartDrive Flexi+ No restrictions on workshops, but 110% of the car’s market value is insured. Allowance will be given if car is under repair
SmartDrive Flexi  Family No restrictions on workshops, but better personal accident coverage and young & inexperienced driver excess is waived


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Essentially, there are two main categories when you are looking at AXA car insurance plans: those that only allow repair at AXA authorised workshops, and those that allow you to repair at any workshop.

SmartDrive plans that allow repairs only at AXA authorised workshops 

SmartDrive Essential+, SmartDrive Peace and SmartDrive for Her are plans that allow you to repair your car at any workshop.

Where is this indicated

For Her is 1 of the core plans

  • SmartDrive Essential: Basic coverage and cheapest premium

  • SmartDrive Peace: Those concerned about insuring personal belongings in the car

  • SmartDrive for Her: Those who need roadside assistance in case of accidents or any other driving hiccups 

  • SmartDrive Essential+: Good loss of use benefits for when your car is at the workshop and offers a high payout in the event of total loss 

SmartDrive plans that allow repairs at any workshop

SmartDrive Flexi, SmartDrive Flexi+ and SMartDrive Flexi Family allow the insured policyholder to repair at any workshop. 

AXA car insurance add-ons to choose from

If you want to further customise AXA car insurance, you can also choose from car insurance add-ons from AXA. They can be purchased a la carte or in bundles. 

AXA car insurance a la carte add-ons

  • Choose your own excess 

  • Car protector to compensate 110% of the market value for total loss

  • NCD Protector for all types of claims and accidents 

  • Car Accessories Protector, cover up to $2,000 of car accessories without affecting NCD 

  • Courtesy Car, for use when car is undergoing repair due to an accident 

  • Phone assistance and roadside support 

  • Medical and dental expenses, up to $5,000 per person in the event of accident

  • Personal accident coverage for driver, from $50,000 to $500,000 

  • Personal accident for passengers, up to $20,000 in the event of a car accident 

  • Monthly allowance in the event of total permanent disablement from a car accident

AXA car insurance add-on bundles

Car insurance add-on bundles  Features included
Protector Plus Daily transport allowance, delivery of repaired car, car protector, renewal discount
Duo Protector Daily transport allowance, medical and dental expenses, personal accident, monthly allowance in case of permanent disablement, excess reduction for duo
Overseas Protector Loss of personal effects, cancellation fees reimbursement, hotel accommodation, overseas allowance, courtesy car overseas
Family Protector Loss of personal effects, medical and dental expenses, personal accident, monthly allowance, waiver of named young or inexperienced driver excess
Claim Protector Excess waiver, NCD protector


Make AXA car insurance plans cheaper for you

Since AXA car insurance plans are so customisable, as a consumer, you can choose what you need only. For instance, you can get the most basic plans and add-on what you need: Car Protector, for instance, which is a good add-on pack that gives peace of mind during car accidents. By only choosing what you need, you avoid paying more than you need.

Of course, drive safely, so that when for each year without accidents, there will be a 10% discount, to be accumulated year by year. The max NCD is 50%. You can also choose to double your excess so you get a discount. 

Should you choose AXA car insurance?

AXA car insurance is suitable for people who want to have complete control over their car insurance policy. It is also a reputable brand name. If you are savvy about car insurance, you will be able to know how to customise to your liking. Alternatively, you can see other car insurance plans on GoBear's platform

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