It seems as though the weather has been having a field day with Instagram filters.

Within February, we saw our skies draped in an exquisite shade of pink during sunset. Two weeks later, social media was abuzz with captures of what looks like a giant paddle pop ice cream sticking out from behind a cloud. The anomaly has since been identified as a fire rainbow.


Picture credit: Facebook, @mikeyseow

We’ve rounded up the following five obscure places for some quality time. When the sun finally sinks below the horizon, you could very well spot a smiling half-moon or a floating unicorn high above your ride.

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We can’t predict when the next weather phenomenon is going to surprise us next, but you don’t need a clairvoyant to tell you that COE prices in Singapore has been sky high and may remain so.

Other than grocery shopping and long drives across the causeway, one way to maximise the utility of your precious automobile is to ferry your beloved to ulu spots in Singapore and witness nature’s guaranteed spectacle: the sunset.

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Punggol Waterway Park


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Punggol has been getting no lack of attention for its gorgeous waterfront living. The new hipsters’ favourite ‘hood boasts the Waterway Park as one of its main attractions and it speaks volumes that people are willing to travel across the island to bask in its beauty.

As it should be, that sweet spot to catch the sunset is at Sunset Strip’s Jewel Bridge. Now would present a highly opportune time to visit, because a new chain of hipster container bistros has just opened at Tebing Lane. The only thing better than a sunset is a good dinner after sunset. 

Labrador Nature and Coastal Walk


Picture credit: Panoramio, Nicholas Lee

This 2.1km nature trail brings visitors around a loop of mudflats, mangroves and rocky shores that are now made accessible to the public. In other words, expect a rejuvenating escape amongst the endangered flora and fauna of the southern ridges. To catch the sunset, simply head on down to the jetty. You won’t have to worry about parking spaces as you’ll find more than one car park down Port Road.

If you are driving a company of friends down to Labrador Nature and Coastal Walk, take advantage of the park’s barbeque pit station. Not many spots in Singapore give you the luxury of firing up the grill while catching the fiery sunset right before your eyes.

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Lower Seletar Reservoir


Picture credit:

There are two ways to access this sunset viewing spot. The first is to drive down to Lower Seletar Reservoir Park at Yishun Avenue 1, where you’ll find a large boardwalk area with a children’s water play space. The fishing jetty that runs all the way out to the reservoir will provide you with the perfect vantage point.

The other way is to catch the sunset is from the other side of the reservoir, which would prove to be so ulu you’ll feel like you just took on a Final Fantasy side quest. But that means you’re likely to have the whole quiet stretch to yourselves. Getting there requires a drive down Seletar West Link; keep a look out for a narrow road that veers off into Seletar Club Road. Park anywhere along the dirt, disembark and enjoy the view.

Tuas Lalang Field


Picture credit: Pixabay, fluffydonutx

The journey to Singapore’s extreme west will culminate in a deep orange glow of the sky and a brilliant sinking of the sun. And we would be remiss not to mention that it makes one heck of an Instagram backdrop. Located along Tuas South Boulevard, the lalang field has seen many wedding photoshoots come and go and we suppose the impending sunset doesn’t fail to amp up the romance with an added melodramatic effect.   

Ulu Pandan Reservoir


Picture credit: pixabay, leezy86

Going by the merit of its name alone, this spot deserves a mention in our list of uluness. Compared to Tuas, Ulu Pandan Reservoir is not as far out in the west and this is your best bet if you want to save on gas.

The park connector network leading down to the Pandan Reservoir has been many a runner’s favourite trails, but whether you are an avid pavement pounder or not, the sunset at the edge of the boardwalk will make you make a run for it.

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