10 Common Causes of Car Accidents in Singapore

10 Common Causes of Car Accidents in Singapore

Traffic accidents come in all shapes and sizes. And severity. Some are exactly what it is, pure accidents (e.g. defective car design), some are intentional (e.g. tailgating). But there’s one similarity among them all: it can happen anytime, whether you expect it or not.

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Driving Under the Influence

If it’s any indication, the police roadblocks set up past midnight seem to be telling us that drink driving is one of the most common causes of traffic accidents. Under an inebriated state, the danger lies in reduced reaction time and poor vision. Do note that if you fail the breathalyser, your bone-headed decision to drive home after a night out of tequila shots carries a fine of between S$1,000 and S$5,000 or up to six months’ imprisonment.

Texting and GPS-ing While Driving

Did you know road inattentiveness is the number one cause of traffic casualties in Singapore? That’s why texting while driving has been illegalised. As of now, it is also illegal to be holding any kind of mobile devices while operating a motor vehicle. Failing to pay attention to the road isn’t just limited to texting or calling. It could also be the case of a blur sotong being too engrossed with the GPS.

Red Light Dashing

Amber is a warning sign for drivers to slow down and stop, yet some see it as a green light for them to speed up and continue going. It might save you precious few minutes when you’re late for an important date, but at what cost? Remember: better late than ending up in the ICU.

Wet Weather

Sometimes, when it rains, it pours. If the words slow and down aren’t exactly in your dictionary, skidding and slamming into the car beside you is a very likely possibility. No matter how awesome your car’s traction control system is, it pays to be safe.


The PIE (or any other expressways or roads for that matter) is not the place for you to play Vin Diesel and reenact the scenes from Fast & Furious. First of all, you’re being a reckless d*ck who’s endangering the lives of all the motorists sharing the roads with you. Second, you have to adjust to a brand new life on public transport once your demerit points are maxed out.

Actually, that’s not so bad. 

Signal-less Lane Changing

Changing lanes is just a simple matter of signaling, checking the mirrors, and then making the big switch. Some drivers just love to be silent turners, which leaves us to wonder if pushing the signal lever could be a ridiculously strenuous task. An accident could also arise because a driver forgets to check his blind spot after the mirrors. The next time you fall back into this bad habit, ask yourself this: would you have done the same in your TP test?

Road Bullies

From what we’ve observed, Singapore has a lot of angry drivers and road courtesy is one area that can be vastly improved. Whether you’re a victim or a road bully, take the high road and get on with your life. Is it really worth incurring financial and physical costs when you let a fleeting wave of frustration land you in an accident?

Work your issues out in a kickboxing gym instead.

Confusing Roads

It takes two hands to clap. Human misjudgment causes car accidents, but so does badly demarcated reroutes. And roundabouts. Sharp bends. All these are made even worse during night driving when visibility is significantly reduced. Consider taking an alternative route if you learn about roadworks or tree pruning on the radio. Refresh your right of way rules. Slow down before a steep curve. Hasn’t anyone told you it’s always better to be safe?

Car Defects

Automotive technology has never been more impressive. Just check out our list of coolest high tech cars and you’ll understand. However, technology isn’t perfect. We’ve seen the motoring industry go abuzz over the massive car recalls because of defective airbags. Earlier this year, LTA launched into an investigation into Hyundai taxis’ unintended acceleration. Car defects are something out of your control, but you should still do your part on things you can control, like maintaining your brake fluids. 

Irresponsible Pedestrians

Inevitably, Poke mania has gripped the hearts and minds of Singaporeans. But watching an exodus of crazed pedestrians crossing the road without giving a damn about their own lives, we figure it’s an accident waiting to happen. 

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