Build your dream home with these inspirational interior designs

Build your dream home with these inspirational interior designs

Building a home that you can call your own is all about finding a unique design that you can identify with and be proud of showing off. You could be thinking of a clean, no-frills design. Or perhaps the sky's the limit and you want the industrial, rough around the edges look. Simply put, you want to find the best for your nest.

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Admittedly, turning these dream homes into a reality will require quite a bit of effort. From the design perspective, inspiration is only one part of the equation. Once you know what you want, the process can be made simpler.

Just like you, we've been taking a peek at some interior design to spruce up the Bear Cave. We did most of the hard work and sussed out these inspirations for you to get you started with your dream home.

Bringing Europe to you

Europe design

If you can't go to Europe, you bring Europe into your home. That's the idea behind this European-inspired design, complete with gold-gilded sofas and chandeliers to create the high society feel.

Europe design

To bring out the contrast, the cabinets take on a simpler, white approach to its design, with a hint of gold linings to match the overall theme of the home.

Europe design

But the magic is more than just the furnishing. Notice the use of small spotlights, placed strategically to improve the lighting and at the same time bring attention to specific locations. On top of that, the use of ceiling lights creates a leading effect, bringing a hue that enhances the feel of the unit especially when night falls.

Let the lights lead the way

Lights design

Speaking of lights, the possibilities are endless when you fully utilise how it leads. Besides creating a warm hue to bring a soft feel to the house, lighting can create leading lines to extend and enhance the look of the place.

Lights design

Strategic placement of the lighting is also a point to consider - in particular, pay close attention to the top and bottom of the space. In this case, the shadows also come into play, seemingly adding more volume to what the naked eye can see.

Lights design

But be mindful about using too much lights. The right amount of lighting is crucial so it doesn't seem overly harsh. Because at the end of the day, the lights are meant to enhance, not overpower the feel of the place.

Indulge in your light and dark side

Light and dark design

While it's seemingly easy to stick with the same colour or design theme for your house, the uniformity might fall flat if everything looks too similar. This is a matter of contrast, creating a stark difference between colours or furnishings to bring a different identity and look to the house.

Light and dark design

That said, you should take an overarching theme for the design but mix it up a bit with some slight variations. Scandinavian design is particularly popular among home owners but you will notice that it can differ in some aspects. The usual segregation is done in each room, such as a dark theme in the bedroom which is meant to lull you into a state of relaxation. The living room will do well with warm lighting, coupled with a woody furnishing to complete the overall spacious look.

Light and dark design

Remember, it's about finding the contrast between spaces - but do not be too polarising and use garish colours.

Expand your space through colours and light

Spacious design

If you have it, flaunt it. This is the same with your house - flaunt the space if you have it. The idea behind this design is to use leading lines to create the illusion of an extended space.

Spacious design

Beyond that, adopting an open concept design adds to the spacious impression. Combine that with the use of natural light, it's sure to make an already spacious home even larger than it looks.

Spacious design

This design concept is generally useful for most HDB flats, which are not huge to begin with. Here's a pro-tip: go with two different shades, preferably a darker hue for the walls. The contrasting dark colour on the wall gives a sense of depth. While it does not exactly give you actual physical space, the perception can make you feel more relaxed and less claustrophobic.

Make your dream home a reality

Dream home design

The inspirational design you see above is produced by Ciseern, in partnership with COURTS Design Studio. The partnership provides you with a one-stop solution for your renovation and furnishing needs.

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  • Professional interior design services and consultation by Ciseern or T-Werkz

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This article was written in collaboration with COURTS to turn your dream home into a reality.