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5-things-personal-accident-(PA)-insurance-covers-outdoors Health Insurance 5 things personal accident (PA) insurance covers outdoors If you're currently on the fence about getting personal accident insurance, here are five great ways it protects you while you're outdoors. Read more here! By Susanna Lim Oct 08, 2020Should-I get-personal-accident-insurance Health Insurance Should I get personal accident insurance? While you might think that health insurance is sufficient for your medical coverage, what about PA insurance? Learn the difference and necessity of PA insurance. By Susanna Lim Oct 01, 2020Why-choosing-the-best-car-insurance-isnt-about-low-prices Car Insurance Why choosing the best car insurance isn't about the cheapest plan Choosing the cheapest car insurance policy is tempting, but it doesn't always mean it's the best option. Here are some reasons why price isn't all that matters. By Susanna Lim Sep 21, 2020Dengue fever on the rise! Are you protected? Health and Wellness Dengue fever on the rise! Are you protected? With a major dengue outbreak in Singapore, it's important to make sure you're protected. Here's how to stay safe and covered with personal accident insurance. By Susanna Lim Sep 15, 20205 ways COVID-19 is changing the way we shop Lifestyle 5 ways COVID-19 is changing the way we shop With the risks of COVID-19 still a reality, we look at the ways the pandemic is changing where, how and what we buy. Here are changes that are here to stay. By Susanna Lim Sep 08, 2020Ways to travel safer in a post-covid world Travel How to travel safer in 2020 Got an essential trip coming up but worried about staying safe while travelling? We've got you covered with some important safety tips for your upcoming trip. By Susanna Lim Aug 31, 2020Myths-and-facts-for-when-applying-for-a-personal-loan Personal Loan Myths and facts for when applying for a personal loan If you're considering a personal loan but aren't sure just yet, here are some myths about personal loans debunked along with some facts to help you decide. By Susanna Lim Aug 20, 2020Is-it-safe-to-travel-right-now Travel Is it safe to travel right now? If you're itching to go on your next trip but aren't sure how to spend it safely due to travel restrictions, here are some great options for your next holiday. By Susanna Lim Aug 13, 2020