5 reasons why you should use GoBear to compare home loans

5 reasons why you should use GoBear to compare home loans

We know how complicated and tiresome it can be when it comes to home loan applications. When you use GoBear, you get to compare with ease and enjoy the best home loan rates in the market for FREE! There's no gimmick, we are laying it bare for you to compare and make the best decision. And we definitely aren't bragging! Here are five good reasons why you should use us to compare home loans and refinancing plans.


#1. Superior Design interface


  • Easy navigation from start to finish.
  • Only comparison site that with visual display of monthly repayment for principle and interest amounts.


#2. Graphical view to see pay out


  • Visualise estimated monthly repayments.
  • Easy to understand graphs help give you a clearer picture.


#3. Side by side comparison


  • Easily compare home loans from the various banks at a glance.
  • Unbiased comparisons.


#4. Complete information


  • The most comprehensive information on home loans provided.
  • Displays pertinent information on interest rates types (floating or fixed), lock-in period, legal subsidy, late payment fees and early repayment fees.


#5. Our partners are Mortgage advisors

  • They represent over ten banks, can give advice and negotiate for better rates at no consultant fees chargeable to clients.
  • Or mortgage advisors are:
    • Ex-bankers.
    • Able to provide consultation within a hour, including weekends (before 8pm).
    • Able to provide free advice!