Travel insurance isn’t unheard of, but it’s not pretty known to Filipinos. Isn’t it great when you can travel the beauties of the Philippines or explore the wonders of the world knowing that you are protected when something unexpected happens? Depending on the situation, you will be paying for what is either lost or damaged. 

Understanding the benefits of having a travel insurance will allow you to see the importance and be able to get the maximum value from the insurance coverage that you choose.

While the main benefit of getting a travel insurance is the peace of mind from financial problems that may occur, below are more reasons to encourage you to that having a travel insurance is essential.

When your experience travel inconveniences

Though these travel inconveniences don’t happen often, it’s still best to be prepared. When things happen, it may be difficult to find assistance. So, what are the travel inconveniences that may occur?

Baggage Delay which happens when your baggage arrives late to your destination. It also happens when your baggage gets mistakenly redirected to a different location by your airline.

Delayed Flights which happen when your flight towards an international destination is late by more than a certain number of hours (usually 6 to 12 hours).

Loss of Baggage this is for when you permanently part with your big stroller bag and something happens with your luggage. Your travel insurance will pay you for your trouble.

Loss of Money this protects their clients from these losses, by reimbursing the insured person during these mishaps.

Loss of Passport happens when your passport is lost or stolen, these coverage will come in handy when you this happens.

Loss of Travel Documents provides for reimbursement of expenses incurred for processing the replacement of documents necessary for your travel.

Trip Cancellation occurs when a person opts out of a planned travel for a specific reason, approved by the insurance company, before the scheduled departure date.

Trip Termination occurs when a person cuts short his travel and decides to go back home ahead of schedule on reasons approved by the insurance company

Missed Connecting Flight occurs when you don’t make it on time to a connecting flight to your destination because your first flight out of NAIA was delayed.

Travel inconveniences is a hassle, especially when you must take out money outside your budget. Having these coverages can help you refund your expenses from the unexpected things.

When you need emergency medical insurance 

No matter where you are, accidents may occur. When you’re traveling abroad, it’s essential to stay covered in case of accidents. There are coverages of a personal accident and medical expenses that will cover you in the case when you get into an accident and get hospitalized.

Your travel insurance will pay for the medical expenses that occur while you’re traveling. These includes dismemberment, personal accident, outpatient treatment like diagnosis, medical testing, and specialist consultations.

When you need emergency assistance 

When you need emergency assistance, your travel insurance will also come to help you. May it be an emergency dental expense, emergency evacuation, emergency repatriation, medical evacuation, personal liability and even sports coverage.

Sports coverage may come in handy if a team will be flying to another country to compete. When a player gets injured, having a sports coverage can lessen the expenses.

Even when you get sick or injured, there will be emergency repatriation that will get you home such as air ambulance.

Is it worth it?

A travel insurance is a gamble. You don’t want to regret not buying an insurance when something unexpected happens, but you also don’t want to pay for something you don’t need, and you might already be covered with some of the things mentioned above from your life insurance.

It’s worth it if you’re traveling abroad and your health insurance doesn’t cover the things that happen to you outside the country. If you’re still undecided, consider how much financial disaster it would be if something bad happened on your trip or you missed it.

Having a travel insurance will come in handy, it’s up to you to decide how much is at stake when you travel, if you’re still undecided you can see if your credit card offers a travel insurance or find out how much travel insurance costs for your trip.

Get the travel insurance that’s affordable and suitable for you. Let GoBear help you find the travel insurance simply comparing travel insurance today!