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Most people don’t bother on getting a travel insurance because it’s just an additional expense that people think they won’t be needing. But having a travel insurance offers you an assurance that whenever something unexpected happens, for instance, your flight gets canceled and your airline doesn’t refund your plane tickets, having a travel insurance is like a superhero that helps you refund your plane tickets in case it gets canceled with the right coverage.

When buying a travel insurance, you might notice a difference on prices between policies offered by various insurers, and coverages can be immensely different as well. So, if you’re looking for tips on how to get the most travel insurance at the right price, here are some tips for you.

Check Your Credit Card

One of the perks of having credit cards is getting a free insurance. Some credit cards that are designed for people who love to travel or travel rewards come with complimentary travel insurance. What you should do is use your credit card to purchase your plane ticket or hotels in order to get the free travel insurance coverage.

While you are getting free travel insurance coverage, you also get to rack up your air miles points. Isn’t that sweet? Just make sure to check the different card issuers since they provide different travel insurance coverage and find something that suits your needs.

Choose an Annual Travel Insurance

Do you travel more than once a year? It might be smarter to subscribe on an annual policy that covers the whole year’s travel for one fee will cut your expenses less than paying for separate single trip policies whenever you travel. If you travel more than 6 times a year, it might be more worthwhile to buy an annual plan than a single trip policy.

If you’re traveling with your family, you might want to take up a family plan. A family plan offers more money if you are traveling together as compared to buying individual plans for each family member on the trip.

Consider a Basic Plan

When you are traveling, considering your needs, the length of travel land, the region of travel, it might be better to choose a basic plan than a comprehensive one since it’s cheaper. Most people make claims about a trip cancellation, and financial default of travel agency before traveling. They also experience trip interruption due to strike, loss and delay of baggage, medical expenses and personal accident during the trip.

Choosing for a basic or comprehensive plan may seem difficult, but the main difference is the amount of coverage the policy provides. If you’re going to have a short trip with a light baggage, then a basic plan should be enough. Traveling to a high-risk country or going to have a long trip, paying a little more for a comprehensive plan can let you travel at ease. 

Research and Compare

To make sure you get the best and competitively-priced travel insurance, it’s always good to make time for research. Looking for each travel insurer’s website and taking notes of their coverage will only eat your time. Luckily, there’s GoBear to make your task easy by just comparing the travel insurances available in the Philippines.

While travel insurance can be costly or free, having one can give you a peace of mind whenever you travel. By following these tips, you can save more.   

While it’s not fun shopping for a travel insurance, make your shop online easier by comparing travel insurances with GoBear today!