Travel Insurance for Switzerland


Switzerland is a great place to relax, appreciate artwork, and experience wonderful traditions. You’ll be able to listen to yodel choirs and even dance to traditional folk music. This country is also home to one of the best zoos in Europe with hundreds of different species. Enjoy your vacation and remove worries about your trip by applying for travel insurance for Switzerland trips.


The Travel Protector Plus Plan 1,500,000 of Liberty Insurance can cover various emergencies such as loss of documents, medical needs, and baggage delays for as low as 570 for a three-day trip.

Travel insurance for Switzerland: coverage you need

Switzerland has lots of places to visit and events to enjoy. But, you can only fully enjoy your trip when you have no worries to ponder on.  Let the Travel Protector Plus Plan of Liberty Insurance help give you a peaceful mind with the following coverage:

1. Personal Accident and Medical Expenses. Whether you stubbed your toe or broke an arm during your trip, this insurance policy will help cover ₱2.5 million for personal accidents and medical expenses each.

2. Travel Inconveniences. If ever an emergency bad enough to cancel your trip happened, Liberty Insurance is one of the insurance companies willing to cover ₱25,000 of damages.

3. Emergency Assistance. For emergency medical needs, this travel insurance for Switzerland has you covered. A guaranteed hospital admission, ambulance service, and even medical repatriation are included. 


After finding the right travel insurance with GoBear, pack some travel tips to help you get around the country and know more about its culture.




German, French, Italian, English




The current currency of Switzerland is the Swiss franc. However, the Euro is often accepted at most tourist areas such as Bern and Zurich Switzerland. Exchanging US dollars isn’t recommended due to the difficulty finding a reputable place to exchange currency and bad exchange rates. It’s recommended to simply withdraw from an ATM to get the bank’s exchange rates. An advance of money can also be done with travel insurance for Switzerland at a maximum of ₱50,000.



Switzerland culture: Adapt like a local

The Swiss keep their ancient folk customs alive up to this day. During special occasions, you’ll be able to see ethnic dresses and dancing to Swiss folk music. You may also hear the sounds of an Alphorn and beautiful voices of yodel choirs, some of the prominent sounds of Switzerland culture.

With all the fun locals are having in Switzerland, they are also known as people of precision and punctuality. Throughout the western Europe, the Swiss are well known for their perfectionism and their innate thriftiness.

Applying for a travel insurance for Switzerland vacations will help keep your trip stress-free. Compare travel insurance with GoBear Philippines and choose the insurance that will ease your mind.

Things to do in Switzerland

The Zurich Zoo is one of the best zoos Europe has to offer. It is a home to over 360 animal species. The animals are made to live as close as possible to its natural habitat. The snow leopards are near the Himalayan mountains while the flying foxes are around the tropical rainforest.

Zurich Switzerland attractions

If you’re planning to visit Zurich, the country’s economic and cultural centre, don’t miss going to Lindenhof. It’s where the Romans built a fortified settlement, Lindenhof is filled with Renaissance-era buildings and artworks. There are over 50 museums to choose from, each showing off Switzerland culture.

Going at the south-west part of Zurich will bring you to Uetlibegbahn, one of the many Switzerland tourist spots, where you can see a beautiful view of the Black Forest and Santis. The view looks wonderful during the daytime, and also during the nighttime with the glowing city lights below.